Overview & Programme

SLINGSHOT@SWITCH powered by Startup SG gives promising startups a platform to showcase their technology and business ideas, gain early exposure to investors, corporates, industry leaders, mentors, media, and tech-savvy early adopters through this startup competition.

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17th September 2018 (Monday)

Day 1 Programme – Qualifying Round
11:00 am SWITCH Grand Opening
12:00 pm Opening address by Mr Png Cheong Boon, CEO (Enterprise Singapore)
12:05 pm SLINGSHOT@SWITCH Startup Pitches (Session 1)
1:30 pm Lunch Break
2:30 pm SLINGSHOT@SWITCH Startup Pitches (Session 2)
4:00 pm SLINGSHOT Partner Competition – Alibaba ASEAN-Chongqing CREATE @ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest (CACSC)

4:00pm Opening Address by Gavin Liu, Solution Architect, Alibaba Cloud
4:15pm Startup pitching
4:55pm Audience contest
5:15pm Announcement of winners and award ceremony

5.30 pm End of Day 1 Programme

18th September 2018 (Tuesday)

Time Day 2 Programme – Qualifying Round
9:00 am SLINGSHOT Partner Competition – L’Oreal Innovation Runway

9:00am Opening Address by Mr Mark Phong, R&I Asia Director of Advanced Research Labs and Business Development, L’Oreal

9:05am Finalists pitches

9:40am Audience contest

10:00am Closing remarks by Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Trade and Industry

10:05am Remarks by Mr Mounir Mahjoubi, Minister of State for Digital Sector, attached to the Prime Minister, France

10:10am Announcement of winners and award ceremony

10:15 am SLINGSHOT@SWITCH Startup Pitches (Session 3)
12:30 pm Lunch Break
1:30 pm SLINGSHOT@SWITCH Startup Pitches (Session 4)
4:30 pm Dare to Fail
By Daniel Ong, Serial Entrpreneur
5:00 pm Announcement of Top 30 finalists
5:15 pm End of Day 2 Programme

19th September 2018 (Wednesday)

Time Day 3 Programme – Grand Finals
10:00 am Uncovering ASEAN’s hidden assets
By Dr Santitarn Sathirathai, Group Chief Economist of Sea Group
10:30 am SLINGSHOT@SWITCH Startup Pitches (Session 1)
12:30 pm Lunch break
1:30 pm Announcement of Audience Choice Award
1:35 pm SLINGSHOT@SWITCH Startup Pitches (Session 2)
4:40 pm Demystifying Scaling with Speed in India
By Prasad Vanga, Founder and CEO of Anthill Ventures
5:05 pm Speaker
Joel Bar-El, CEO of Trax Technology Solutions
5:30 pm Remarks by Mr Peter Ong, Chairman (Enterprise Singapore)
5:35 pm Announcement of winners and awards ceremony

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Winners of SLINGSHOT@SWITCH powered by Startup SG 2018:

Winner of Grand Prize S$200,000
Alchemy Foodtech
Winner of S$150,000
NDR Medical Technology
Winner of S$100,000
Winner of S$50,000

Finalists advancing to the Grand Finale (Wednesday, 19th September 2018):

1. AEvice Health 2. AID:Tech
3. Alchemy Foodtech 4. Blickfeld
5. Carmentix 6. Drinkwell
7. Enomad Corp 8. GiggedIn
9. Heycoins 10. HydraX
11. InvestED 12. Leju (ShenZhen) Robotics
13. Modoo Fetus Monitoring Device 14. NDR Medical Technology/td>
15. Fresh and Green 16. OKO Insurance
17. Pathovax 18. Rocketbird Sports
19. Sightecho 20. Silexica
21. Silverpush 22. SinFoo Tech
23. Ternion Biosciences 24. TransferFi
25. Triple W Japan K.K. 26. Ubudu
27. Umitron 28. Watchtower RObotics
29. Wearable X 30. Whizpace

Startups in the Qualifying Round



AEvice Health

AEvice Health invented an innovative respiratory monitoring wearable for children with asthma. The device features notifications via smartphone when there is an abnormality, empowering parents to take early medical intervention while their child is about to develop an asthma attack. For the first time ever, it also provides doctors with a comprehensive historical data over a long duration to assist in their diagnoses. As part of our long-term vision, AEvice Health aims to work closely with healthcare professionals and create a big data analytic platform in respiratory health through deep patient and clinical insights to predict medical outcomes by 2023.

AEvice Health Pte Ltd was incorporated as a spin-off from Nanyang Technological University in 2016. It is founded by a group of passionate innovators, scientists and clinicians. AEvice Health has also been featured in Straits Times Channel News Asia and Forbes as one of the promising innovator in healthcare.


AID:Tech is an international multi award-winning company leveraging blockchain technology. They are building a transparency engine. At the core of the AID:Tech platform, is digital Identity, which is being used to address some of the world’s biggest problems for governments and the 2.4 bn people undocumented.

AID:Tech’s solutions equip clients and partners including governments, corporations, international NGOs, institutional funders and consumers with tools to provision unique digital identity and to deliver digital entitlements such as remittances, welfare, healthcare, aid and peer-to-peer donations.In 2015, AID:Tech became the world’s first company in the world to successfully deliver aid to Syrian refugees in partnership with the Irish Red Cross. Since then, project implementations have taken place across the world, from Ireland to Tanzania to Serbia to Lebanon. In 2018, the company announced investment from two government-backed agencies: SGInnovate (Singapore) and Enterprise Ireland (Ireland) – marking AID:Tech as the world’s first company to receive state-endorsed, capital backing.

AID:Tech has won multiple awards in the short space of three years, including Citi’s Tech4Integrity Global Game Changer Award, presented by IMF Managing Director, Madame Christine Lagarde. Other awards include Mastercard’s Company of the Year, IBM’s No. 1 Global Startup, Islamic Development Bank’s Fintech Islamic Finance Challenge winner (in joint submission with the IFRC) and the Dubai Smart Office Blockchain Grand Prize.

Current clients and partners include governments of Singapore, Ireland, Serbia with another 22 countries signed up for platform roll-out. They work closely withinternational NGOs such as the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), PharmAccess Foundation and NVPC Singapore. Corporate partners include Citi, IBM, and MasterCard.

Alchemy Foodtech

Alchemy Foodtech is a deep tech startup focusing on the fight against global diabetes epidemic by ensuring everyday food staples stops inducing the disease through innovation in proprietary food sciences and technologies.

One of Alchemy Foodtech’s key innovation is the application of patent pending proprietary ingredient blends into refined carbohydrate staples to significantly reduce the blood glucose response (Glycemic Index or GI) without any change in taste, colour or texture of the food items.The innovation has been proven in human clinical studies to lower GI of all refined white rice. Efficacy has also been demonstrated in refined white bread, buns, cookies and cakes etc in lab trials.

Alchemy Foodtech recently picked up awards includes the Future Food Asia Startup SG 2018 award as well as the top 3 winners of Pitch@Palace ASEAN 2018, an international entrepreneurship competition hosted by the Duke of York – Prince Andrew.


Augmate is a software development company specializing in IoT connectivity.

Tens of billions of IoT devices with limitless digital transformational benefits are being deployed globally. Each of these devices needs to be managed to realize their full operational potential and for the mitigation of adverse data breaches. The Augmate wearable environment management application (WEM) was the first system to deploy an array of security features and policy settings between users and devices through both SaaS and on-premise portals. Augmate Connect will be “first to market” in bringing blockchain and distributed ledger technology to holistic device management allowing control of multiple, disparate devices intuitively and securely.

The Augmate Connect platform will provide a complete IoT ecosystem and continue to expand with the contributions of our open developer community. Initially, the platform will include our WEM application, a marketplace where developers will be able to submit trusted applications that can be deployed and purchased, a toolset to track connected assets and a predictive maintenance module to optimize them.

Our partnering channel strategy will allow rapid adoption into large enterprises. The open architecture framework allows us to cooperate with other ecosystem participants, including our competitors, to fill holes in their device management needs. Penetrating the Industrial IoT sector through this strategy will enable us to gain traction faster than employing a stand-alone position and garner a significant share of the $1.3 trillion annual spend in the management platform segment.

Augmate is led by seasoned executives and visionaries including former IBM exec Pete Wassell and former Cisco Chief Futurist Dave Evans.


Aversafe provides a blockchain-backed credential issuance and verification platform to jobseekers, employers and educational institutions around the world. We improve trust, lower costs, speed up hiring and enable more efficient capital use for everyone on our network, providing instantaneous cross-border background checks and global KYC data while combatting credential fraud.


BeeBryte is using artificial intelligence & IoT to get commercial buildings, factories, EV charging stations or entire eco-suburbs to consume electricity in a smarter, more efficient and cheaper way while reducing carbon footprint!

Our SaaS is generating up to 40% savings on utility bills with automatic control of heating-cooling equipment (e.g. HVAC), pumps, EV charging points and/or batteries. Savings come from:
-Energy efficiency (adjust setpoints in anticipation of changing conditions (e.g. weather) to reduce kWh)
-Real-time price arbitrage (buy cheaper kWh, ToU or spot trading)
-Peak Shaving (reduce contracted capacity)
-Grid Services (demand-response, frequency regulation)

Based on weather forecast, occupancy, and energy price signals, our software adjusts the temperature setpoints and minimizes energy costs while maintaining comfort. BeeBryte is based in France and Singapore. We are accelerated by Intel & TechFounders!


“Le bracelet” from Biowatch is an elegant high tech smartband engineered and made in Switzerland. Featuring a modern design inspired by Swiss watches on the outside, le bracelet offers state of the art security on the inside as it can only be biometrically activated by its legitimate owner thanks to wrist vein pattern recognition – a patented solution.

Resulting from extended research and development, le bracelet has been designed as a multi-purpose device to replace credit cards, access badges, PIN codes and other passwords and performs as a digital vault on the wrist. Automatically communicating the ID of the user by NFC or Bluetooth when making a payment, accessing premises or other online services, le bracelet offers unprecedented levels of security and user convenience. Free of passwords and other authentication tokens, the user also benefits from non-stop authentication as long as le bracelet stays on the wrist, suppressing the obligation to authenticate before the transaction.

Biowatch is based in Lausanne, Switzerland, and is currently raising a Series A.


Founded in 2017 and based in Munich, Germany, Blickfeld is a provider of cutting-edge LiDAR technology for autonomous mobility and IoT applications.

The company has developed proprietary LiDAR technology based on patented silicon MEMS mirrors and commercial off-the-shelf components. The Blickfeld LiDAR product family meets the highest performance requirements at the cost and size needed for mass market adoption. Due to their range of configurable features, the Blickfeld LiDAR family provides solutions for multiple use-cases.

Blickfeld’s team is made up of experienced professionals with renowned expertise in the fields of electronics, optics, MEMS and software.
The company is backed by venture capital investors including Fluxunit (the corporate venture arm of lighting company Osram), High-Tech Gründerfonds, Tengelmann Ventures, and Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners. For more information, visit www.blickfeld.com


Blonk is a mobile job matching app using AI to connect the right candidates with hiring managers directly in a few swipes.


BlueFox solutions allow brands to identify and communicate with new and existing customers. BlueFox Counting provides valuable marketing data and advanced analytics like real time and historical foot traffic counts, cumulative impressions, window conversion, dwell times, recurrent visits, and peak hours. BlueFox Engagement then facilitates messaging to customers each time they come near your brand with featured product information, advertisements, photos, coupons, promotions, specials, and contests. Unlike traditional SMS campaigns, you won’t have to worry about spamming customers who aren’t relevant because they’re nowhere near your product or service, and it’s why BlueFox boasts a staggering campaign retention rate of over 96%.

BlueFox holds eight United States patents protecting our proprietary technologies around advanced Wi-Fi detection, which can determine the presence of smartphones even when Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionalities are disabled. While competitors are limited to text-based push notifications, we allow flexibility with the option to communicate via SMS which can contain pictures and hyperlinks. Also unlike push notifications, SMS messaging doesn’t require an application to be downloaded or maintained by the end user. Lastly, SMS content remains available indefinitely unless deleted, whereas push notifications are lost forever once dismissed. BlueFox does not have direct competition but instead competes with traditional SMS vendors who send campaign messaging to an entire database of users at once, without regard to location or the relevance of “captive audience” timing.

BlueFox solutions are ideal for any brick and mortar industry involving physical foot traffic. Our three major target verticals include retail (shopping malls, brand retailers, convenience stores, gas stations), hospitality (hotels, casinos, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, vacation rentals, stadiums, convention centers, airports), and smart cities (transportation, digital signage, billboards, safety/security, government, insurance, code enforcement, regulatory applications). Explore success stories, use cases, and case studies at bluefox.io/resources


Boundlss is working to end lifestyle disease using blended human-AI digital health coaching, personalised using wearable data.


Carmentix is a venture backed startup company developing a novel biomarker prognostic panel for pre term birth. Pre term birth is the birth of babies before 37 weeks of gestation. It is considered one of the biggest unmet needs in maternal-fetal medicine, with a potential markets size 3-4B USD.

Carmentix is determined to significantly reduce the number of preterm birth in the global setting by establishing biomolecular tools that will alert clinicians for the risk of preterm birth weeks before symptoms occur.
As preterm is a global issue, Carmentix goal is to achieve a cost effective solution that would be robust and accurate and will accommodate the majority of clinical settings worldwide.

Key highlights

· Carmentix is committed to the early identification of women at risk of preterm births with high sensitivity and specificity using a novel panel of protein biomarkers.

· These biomarkers are able to accurately predict spontaneous preterm birth at a gestational age as early as 16 to 24 weeks – the competition is unable to do so.

· The preterm birth test kit uses non-invasive sampling, which is simple and fast (minutes to hours from sampling to result). It has a high predictive positive value, which predicts preterm birth weeks or months before the symptoms arise.

· Carmentix has priced its preterm birth test kit for global availability as it is cost-effective for global point-of-care application.

· Carmentix’s innovative preterm birth test kit grants it great competitive advantage against its competitors.

· Carmentix has proprietary antibodies for use in its diagnostic kit, uses a combination of biomarkers, and has a provisional patent filed.

· Carmentix intends to commercialise its product in early 2020. Its primary markets are USA and China


Casky, is the world’s first Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain based, ecosystem offering two-wheeled vehicle operators, globally, a chance to reduce commuting costs, and earn tangible rewards of monetary value, through commuting-data aggregation; whilst rewarding safe driving behaviors more so. Our decentralized, MaaS platform leverages IoT devices of which enhance safety during commutes, and data quality.

Through our hardwares’, and softwares’, Bluetooth enabled connections, our user-driven, Artificial Intelligence protocol is able to alert the geographically respective, ecosystem members of accidents, dangers, congestion, and API driven “missions;” whilst, serving each individual as a driver-coach/assistant, per the individuals’ executed, driving behaviors. This disruptive model is in conjunction with our efforts of creating a new, worldwide paradigm for municipalities, insurers, P2P vehicle-based companies, and vehicle manufacturers to connect with customers/vehicle operators, in real-time.

Our mission, and passion, is to reduce the 1.3 million fatal accidents, and 20-50 million injurious accidents per year; help the 53%of our population living within urban areas manage, and reduce, congestion, while creating more flow; and, aggregate accurate mobility-data for the 5.1 billion two-wheeled vehicles operators, worldwide, in a privatized fashion.

ChemoPower Technology

The herbal medicine industry is a big growing market because more people feel it is natural and has lesser side effects. Many of us have tried them and they really work! Yet, despite so many researches in natural herbs, we do not know their chemical contents very well. And because of this lack of information, there is a huge gap between herbal medicines and pharmaceuticals. For pharmaceuticals, we know the contents of drugs very well, such as the active compound, the dosage, the side effects, and the allergens. As for natural herbs, most of them are unknown. The good news is, it’s not impossible to bridge this gap. Ms Tu Youyou did and she won a Nobel Prize after she discovered an herb that can cure malaria, at a time when malaria was taking many lives. But it took her team many years and a lot of money.

ChemoPower is able to bridge this gap between medicinal herbs and pharmaceuticals. We solve this problem in a systematic and fundamental way by analyzing medicinal herbs and build a database in a very short time, 100 times faster than anyone else can do. By analyzing thousands of different medicinal herbs, ChemoPower can gather accurate insights about the chemical contents vs medicinal effects of each and every one of them. With that, we narrow down the active ingredients that can be used for drug research. This means that what Tu Youyou had done earlier for malaria, can be accelerated.

We have already received strong support, from the Singapore Government, big MNCs, SMEs and even US Pharmacopiea. We have recently signed MoUs with Shimadzu, a top global analytical instrument manufacturer, to market our technology with their instruments. This is not just a strong validation of our technology but also huge business opportunities.


Corti’s Sensa hearing aid is a revolutionary hearing device. It is the world’s first to utilize breakthrough built-in Neural Network technology for real time optimization, providing an unrivaled hearing experience. It will continuously detect and send the user’s context and ambient noise profile to the cloud where the Neural Network is re-trained and gradually learn to interface you to the acoustic world around you, enabling Sensa to “self-learn” and optimize speech intelligibility in real time and ultimately improve your listening experience beyond what it is now.

Corti’s Sensa hearing aids banish the stigma that conventional hearing aids carry with a modern lifestyle wireless headphone design and functionality of modern high-end headphones.

Combining breakthrough technology to fulfill an unmet need, and a seamless fit into today’s active lifestyle – all at a fraction of the cost of existing products – Corti’s Sensa hearing aid is primed to massively disrupt the hearing aids market.


Dogether (origin: Do+Together) is a platform to connect like-minded people over curated exciting activities happening around them. With close to half a million registered users & INR 2.5 M in gross sales in the past 6 months, Dogether is growing at 30% MoM across metrics. Dogether is currently live across 5 cities in India with over 1000 activities hosted on it.


Drinkwell provides turnkey water solutions via metered Water ATM dispensing systems using RFID-enabled pay as you go cards that uses mobile money that enable utilities to provide safe drinking water in hard to reach areas that have to date been deployed across 340 locations in India and Bangladesh with customers such as Dhaka WASA, Tata Trusts, and West Bengal Public Health Engineering Department. Drinkwell also provides operation and maintenance services to ensure sound system operation thereby reducing system loss, improving service delivery all the while generating a new revenue stream for the utility. Drinkwell offers a full stack solution that includes water treatment, mobile money, and realtime monitoring capabilities a cost that is 54% lower than existing piecemeal solutions such as Grundfos Lifelink.

Each system can reach up to 2,000 households or 9,400 people. Drinkwell views Dhaka WASA as a beachhead utility customer that can provide sufficient cash flows to give Drinkwell the cash cushion it needs to work with other WASA’s such as Chittagong WASA and Sylhet WASA in Bangladesh as well as other union and city corporations across Asia. Drinkwell’s long-term impact goal is to reach 100 million people by 2030.

EchoRing by R3 Communications

EchoRing™ (by R3 Communications) is a high-performance wireless technology specially designed for time-critical industrial applications. This ground-breaking technology opens up for flexible machine and system designs which take efficiency, scalability and machine safety to the next level.

With a particular focus on industrial Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Communications, the primary use cases of EchoRing™ are robotics, cranes, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs). These use cases lay in markets that demand to have more flexible scenarios to increase the efficiency and scalability of their products, all of it without compromising machine safety. Because of such demand, the wireless communications market is expected to have a value of $94B in 2022.Furthermore, the characteristics of this EchoRing™ make it suitable for critical communications in the automotive and aerospace industries.

EchoRing™ is a pure software solution that currently runs on the wireless platform WiLink™ 8 of Texas Instruments. The deterministic and cooperative characteristics with which EchoRing™ is built upon,are crucial to the performance of the system both regarding latency (down to 2 ms) and robustness (1 packet lost out of 100 million). Besides, this technology reaches Data Rates of 15 Mbps. With such a performance EchoRing™ enables the industry to substitute expensive, bulky and inflexible cables.


Edukasyon.ph is an education platform that seeks to improve access to education and employment by empowering students to make better informed education decisions leading to full employability post-graduation. Edukasyon does this by equipping students with: (1) thousands of education options through our comprehensive database of schools, courses and scholarships, (2) relevant and accurate advice content as well as (3) a strong community of parents, peers and educators to guide them through their education to employment journey. Since its launch in 2015, Edukasyon has grown to more than 1 million monthly users covering more than 40% of Filipino students with internet access, making it one of the fastest growing and fifth largest ASEAN EdTech startup. Edukasyon currently lists 13,000+ schools on its platform and has more than 400 school partners all over the world, including the Philippines, ASEAN, Europe, North America and Australia, and much more.

Enomad Corp

ad is a team of young, professional designers and engineers. We’re living in the mobile world. Accessibility is more than important; it’s ubiquitous. Thanks to rapid technology development, we have affordable mobile devices from developed countries to developing countries, and Internet coverage is ever expanding and becoming more affordable. Internet.org or Loon project will boost this movement. But still our energy supply rely on traditional, centralized fossil-fuel driven system. We want to find a solution that will provide personal access to energy, as well as foster a new culture.

Enomad was established in May 2014. We launched with a public project to introduce ourselves to the world and test our design that converted running water into stored energy: Smart Charging Station Project August 2014. We installed three pilot prototypes of our portable hydropower generators into one of Seoul’s most popular rivers and let people charge their smartphones by the energy harnessed from water. Local and global media jumped on the story, and it provided great momentum for us to verify the market interest and to explore possible designs. After another year of research and development, we finally have a portable water-powered generator ready to meet you.

Enomad was established in May 2014. We launched with a public project to introduce ourselves to the world and test our design that converted running water into stored energy: Smart Charging Station Project August 2014. We installed three pilot prototypes of our portable hydropower generators into one of Seoul’s most popular rivers and let people charge their smartphones by the energy harnessed from water. Local and global media jumped on the story, and it provided great momentum for us to verify the market interest and to explore possible designs. After another year of research and development, we finally have a portable water-powered generator ready to meet you.


Eristica is an app like Truth or Dare without the truth with more than 1,000,000 users which allows you to make fun out of competition and win cryptocurrency!

FIBSOL Life Technologies

FIB-SOL Life technologies Pvt. Ltd is a company founded in December 2013, by a team of post-doctoral and doctoral scholars of IIT Madras. FIB-SOL currently functions from the Bio-Incubator, IIT Madras Incubation Cell. The company hosts the privilege of being one of the four identified companies to avail the facilities of the newly launched IITM Bioincubator.

To develop an innovative and integrative research approach to offer technical solutions to burning problems in agriculture and healthcare sector.


Founded in 2015, FOMO Pay provides one-stop online / offline mobile payment solution to increase cashless payment acceptance at every point-of-sale. FOMO Pay is authorized partner of WeChat Pay, NETSPay, Grab Pay, mVisa, Baidu Wallet, and China UnionPay in Southeast Asia. FOMO Pay has been awarded as the Best FinTech Startup at Seamless Asia 2017 (Cards & Payment), winner of MAS FinTech Awards 2017, winner of NTT DATA Open Innovation Contest 2018 Singapore. FOMO Pay is recognized by industry leaders and selected to be Accelerator Cohort of DBS (2016 Batch), Oracle (2017 Batch) and Unilever (2017 Batch).

The platform is supplied directly to merchants, supports payments via social media, QR codes and directly on mobile. The integration of different payment modes onto one platform also makes transaction management and payment collection efficient and hassle-free. FOMO Pay’s unique value proposition make it the most demanding mobile payment solution in the market. Within the first year after launch, there are 2000+ merchants to sign up with FOMO which includes The Shilla (Retail), StarHub (Telecom), SPH(Media), HolidayInn (Hospitality), WRS (Tourist attractions), TWG (F&B), Hwa Chong (Education) and many more.

FOMO Pay is also seating in Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) SGQR Taskforce, and committed to the development of mobile payment and to improve the operational efficiency of society as part of Singapore’s Smart Nation vision.

Fresh & Green

Nowadays, the number of the world population is increasing. On the contrary, the amount of wasted food is enlarging to nearly one and a half billion tons of vegs and fruits are wasted every year because of their fast ripening and many more causes after they get harvested. Fresh and Green eager to create and develop innovative solutions which is safe to apply, consume, and the most important is they can prolong shelf life of fresh produce. We also aim to establish the sustainable solution to the global fresh products supply chain and can prolong shelf life of fresh produce. With our three currently innovative solutions; edible coating for freshcut fruits bioplastic bag for fresh produce, and natural fruit wax they can prolong the shelf life of fresh produce up to 10 times. Passionately, we promise that we will never stop creating and developing such innovative solutions that will change the way of fresh produce trading to a new effective level.


GiggedIn is here to do what Spotify has done for CD’s but for all ticketed live music and entertainment.

It is APAC’s leading subscription service that makes it easier and cheaper for its members to access tickets from a curated list of concerts, festivals, cinema and comedy events. GiggedIn uses technology to simplify the process of going out with a vision is to make shared experiences with friends a part of everyone’s weekly routine.

The company has worked with 2,500+ events, raised $1.5M+ AUD, grown 500% in the last 12 months; and is backed by industry executives, tech entrepreneurs as well as by Artesian – one of Australia’s largest Venture Capital firms.

Good for Food

Good For Food empowers hotels and large commercial kitchens with big data analytics to reduce their food waste, cost and environmental footprint. This is done through their product Insight, a smart dustbin equipped with sensors and image recognition to seamlessly measure, track and identify all food waste thrown away into it.


H3 Zoom.Ai is a digital services platform that helps worldwide enterprise and institutional clients fully digitise maintenance inspection and physical asset monitoring. The company sells anomaly detection as a service, either via cloud or as an API link, and produces interactive engineering reports in ways that are much faster, safer and cheaper to produce than currently possible anywhere, any time, and in any industry sector.

H3 Zoom.Ai’s technology revolves around machine learning algorithms that support anomaly detection within very large quantities of image data or other types of sensor data, where these are sometimes combined. Input data can be collected manually or autonomously using camera or sensor-carrying drones or other robots with geo-tagging capabilities. Once data is uploaded to H3 Zoom.Ai, anomalies are identified, quantified, ranked, and localised to form part of a final report designed for use by specialist engineers.

H3 Zoom.Ai plans to release 25 focused inspection services across several industry verticals over the next few years. H3 Zoom’s first product, FAÇADE INSPECTOR, digitizes high-rise building inspection processes from start to finish, and is currently being deployed across Singapore. It is expected to begin international deployment in the coming 6 months.


HydraX is a Singapore-based startup looking to provide a holistic solution for the trading of cryptocurrencies. In the exchange space, it is offering an advanced, purpose-built trading platform for access to 100+ cryptocurrency exchanges. The platform simplifies the cryptocurrency trading experience by providing a single point of access, allowing retail and professional traders to execute trades, transfers, monitor their portfolios, reconcile their trading records, as well as to develop and implement algorithmic strategies across multiple venues. In the OTC space, it is offering a comprehensive solution for the trading-clearing-settlement value chain surrounding OTC transactions of digital currencies. The platform allows multi-dealer OTC price discovery via an impartial electronic RFQ system; a default waterfall in conjunction with the implementation of clearing rules eliminates counterparty default risk; and a blockchain based smart contract technology acts as a decentralised escrow system to allow transparent and instantaneous settlement of trades.

Imagene Labs

Imagene Labs creates an entire ecosystem of end-to-end genomics-based wellness solutions that include DNA tests, personalised reports with lifestyle recommendations that are most compatible with a person’s genetic tendencies, customised skin care and nutritional products, and mobile health apps to help people live, look and feel their best.


InvestED increases access to financial opportunity through mobile learning. We are creating the MBA for the couple billion motivated individuals around the world who do not qualify and cannot afford traditional higher education.

Our custom, animated content teaches Learners how to apply knowledge such as loan management and entrepreneurship skills – which increases access on both the supply and demand side of the financial marketplace. We not only demystify financial skills for our learners, we also help financial institutions create relevant curriculum and campaigns – which attracts more customers to their products. After completing courses and related quizzes and surveys, our Learners are issued micro-credentials. Their subsequent interactions and transactions are verified with vendors through smart contracts. The progress along learner journeys triggers access to incentives provided by partner institutions such as banks and other Fintechs. The more the learner participates, the more opportunities they can access. Micro-credentials, loan applications, impact measurements and subsequent financial transactions are all codified on the blockchain – verified by InvestED, a telco partner and /or the financial institution and the Learner.

InvestED has recently won the Société Générale Africa focused FinTech Hackathon and was a Finalist in Ecobank’s FinTech Challenge – both of which include a market launch with the bank. These two partnerships cement our market position in the region. We also won the 2017 Sierra Leone FinTech Challenge – sponsored by the Bank of Sierra Leone and the UN. This came with access to a regulatory sandbox – where we have been given permission to proceed with a blockchain solution for alternative credit reporting and KYC. In addition to our operations in Africa, we are being supported by Agora Partnerships Accelerator and the Global FinTech Hackcelerator. These two institutions provide us with a clear pathway to launching in LATAM and Asia, respectively.

Is it Fresh

Our vision is to digitalize the food value chain and enable real time, in-package freshness and quality controls. We are creating a platform to conduct a direct relationship between various participants of the value chain through smart packaging.

We are tackling two problems: food wastage and analog value chain. Our solution is a wireless freshtag, which can be integrated into almost any type of packaging. It consists of a low-cost NFC tag and sensors, made using proprietary printed electronics techniques. Our solution also provides a cloud database where all the digital information is processed and stored. This cloud can be accessed by all interested parties and, therefore, can unite the food value chain participants through smart packaging. This, in turn, enables a multitude of B2B and B2C use cases starting from single item tracking and simplified recalls at the manufacturer side, to in-transit control, geolocation and cold chain optimization for logistic companies. The most use cases, however, are generated in the retail store, where inventory and checkout can be automated.

We have created a unique technology which enables the digitalization of the food value chain and freshness monitoring to tackle the food waste problem, as well as to allow for a variety of additional use cases along all segments of the food value chain.

Kargo Myanmar

Kargo lets you move any type of goods for your business, anywhere in Myanmar. Our technology connects businesses directly to our large national network of independent and commercial trucks. Delivering point to point, cost efficient logistics solutions, from small trucks to trailers Kargo is here to be your reliable nationwide trucking partner.

Kargo Myanmar (a fully incorporated Singapore company) was born out of a desperate need for reliable, transparent trucking services in a very fragmented logistics industry operating in the largest mainland nation in South East Asia and the fastest emerging market in the region. Being first to market, Kargo Myanmar grew very quickly into the Myanmar market going from US$3,000 in revenue per month to US$80,000 in revenue per month in just 6 months! Kargo has won numerous awards along the way in a very short space of time including being a finalist at the Seedstars World Global Startup Competition in Lausanne, Switzerland in April 2018, being awarded the GSMA Tech startup grant for mobile innovation, and winning the StartupSG prize at the Echelon e27 Fight Club in Singapore in June 2018. Kargo Myanmar is continually growing fast in this incredibly unique and emerging Myanmar market and looking forward to making a big impact in the logistics industry in the region!

LEDR Technologies

LEDR Technologies Inc. helps organizations build collective intelligence in a completely distributed way using any heterogeneous data source. LEDR’s pioneering approach is grounded in multidisciplinary work predicting and understanding human behavior and the global-scale circulation of both physical and ideological constructs. LEDR powers knowledge that reflect real-world connected, dynamic and recursive systems. LEDR secures any data source to create integrated systems of knowledge and intelligence at global scale, rather than single silos of disconnected information.

Leju (Shenzhen) Robotics

Leju (Shenzhen) Robotics Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that focuses on the A.I carrier—the development and sales of intelligent humanoid robots. Since establishment in 2016, we have reached 1000 million RMB of funding, which is real unicorn enterprise in Shenzhen. Our startups core member are all Harbin Institute of Technology(HIT) doctors, and Hegao Cai, an academician of the Chinese academy of engineering, is chief scientist of LEJU. Based on core technology advantage accumulated in the past few years, we have owned a number of invention patents, from the outside structure of the robot, to the core components manufacture, and the AI algorithms, which ensured us to build the high-level of tech barrier. This make us get the trust and funding support from Tencent, Shenzhen Venture Capital, Gree Pine Capital , meanwhile we are the member of TencentAI accelerator and Microsoft accelerator. Our robot product – Aelos also show in the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics ‘Beijing 8 munities’ as one of Chinese A.I representatives. In 2018, the full-size robot with 1.7 meter will be the Chinese first large scale humanoid robot which refresh the level of humanoid robot industry in China.

Modoo Fetus Monitoring Device

ExtantFuture is founded in 2015, which focus on family mobile health area with a commitment to combine Mobile Internet, Smart Device and Medical Science together. By self-developed core technology, our vision is to provide solutions that digital / consumer health devices collect biomedical data- algorithms recognize problem- remote medical services provide solutions, finally to improve the overall effectiveness of home healthcare. At present, we are focusing on maternal-fetal area. Modoo is our first commercial product by self-developed technology.

Modoo focuses on maternal-fetal health care with a commitment to bring happiness and peace of mind back to anxious mothers. Modoo is the world’s smallest fetus monitoring device that simply sticks on pregnant mothers’ belly, and the self-developed revolutionary acoustic technology allows it passively and safely monitors baby’s heart rate and movement. Parents-to-be and physicians are able to see unborn baby’s health on their smart phone anytime and anywhere.

Modoo starts selling on e-commerce platforms since early 2017 and users love it. And Modoo system has successfully helped physicians to save more than 60 babies in China.


Musiio is a music tech company that builds A.I which can listen to large volumes of music and extract thousands of pieces of information from them. Be it an editor at a music streaming service, the head of A&R at a record label, or music publisher, our A.I narrows the field when looking for indicators of quality.

NDR Medical Technology

NDR Medical Technology Pte. Ltd, is a medtech start-up that pioneered the world’s first robotics system that combines Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Medical Image Processing to assist surgeons during minimally invasive surgery. NDR has developed a proprietary smart robotic guiding system known as Automated Needle Targeting (ANT). The system uses AI and image processing to help surgeons visualise the 3D location of the target lesion in the patient’s body. By combining the precision adjustment and guiding technology of ANT with the surgeon’s skill and dexterity, surgeons are now able to achieve bull’s eye for needle alignment and positioning to remove lesions; resulting in an overall improvement to the clinical outcome, reduces radiation exposure and overall operation time. Clinical trial is now underway and commercial application is expected to launch next year. Over time, ANT will ensure surgeons of all experiences to be able to perform complex and high-risk surgery with ease. Patients can now look forward to faster recovery times and lower risks of unwanted side effects.


Nutraponics is a Canadian Indoor Vertical Aquaponics Farming (IVAF) company that was setup in 2011. Nutraponics designs its own farming and lighting systems, and grows pure, pesticide free produce by creating natural symbiotic ecosystems for plants and fish. Nutraponics is focused on construction and consultancy as its core businesses andis conversation with AVA and EDB to setup its show-case facility in Singapore to target the Asian market.

OKO Insurance

OKO uses mobile and satellite technologies to create and distribute crop insurance in emerging markets. We collect historical yield and weather data to analyse weather risks and create relevant insurance products. We then use this same data to verify claims at the end of the season, and automatically compensate farmers who have been affected by adverse weather. We distribute these insurance products to farmers via mobile offering farmers a paperless and instant process, accessible to all farmers, even unbanked.

We partnered with Allianz and with Orange for an initial pilot in Mali, West Africa. We confirmed that there is a strong demand for our product, with more than 750 farmers registering in just 4 weeks, on a very limited area. We now want to scale up and launch nation-wide in Mali before replicating the same model in other markets. Our team combines a previous BIMA country manager, a product manager from the OneAcreFund and an ex-consultant from the World Bank.


Oyalabs is building an IoT platform that uses Natural Language Processing to monitor and improve a child’s early brain and language development. Oyalabs is backed by SOSV Ventures/HAX hardware accelerator, Johnson & Johnson, Stanford StartX, and just recently won the Best of Baby Tech 2018 in the Learn and Play Category at CES. The Oyalabs platform has been clinically validated and proven to improve child’s language understanding by 27%. Our team is passionate about building innovative products and services that are founded on evidence so that we can best promote the social, cognitive, and emotional well-being of individuals and the society.


Imagine a world free of cervical cancer, and one with effective therapies for other deadly cancers. Using a proprietary virus-like particle platform developed at Johns Hopkins University, PathoVax is advancing a best-in-class cancer-preventive vaccine and an expanding pipeline of immuno-oncology therapeutic drugs. Its co-founders, Drs. Poh Weijie and Joshua Wang, are Singaporeans with Johns Hopkins PhDs, and biotech startup experience. Backed by vaccine research leaders and commercialization veterans, PathoVax is driven by its mission to tackle global health challenges with innovative scientific breakthroughs. PathoVax’s lead asset is a patented vaccine, RGVax, that is the first vaccine to target all 15 cancer-causing human papillomaviruses (HPVs), reducing the need for screening in order to accelerate global adoption for a $2B+ annual revenue market. To date, PathoVax has received over US$7M in non-dilutive capital from multiple US federal agencies to de-risk scale-up production. Partnering with prestigious US research institutions, clinical trials for this universal HPV vaccine will begin in 2019. Based on historical comparables, potential exit opportunities of US$250M+ occur upon completion of initial human safety studies, which should be completed by 2021.PathoVax is also leveraging the broad tumor-binding ability of its proprietary particles, known as Anti-Tumors Immune Redirectors (AIRs), to direct pre-existing immune cells towards cancer cells. The broad applicability offers multiple partnering options while allowing in-house development to market approval. Initial seed funding of US$2.5M has been secured, with potential pharmaceutical partnering opportunities in 2020.

Protenga – Insect-based Future

Protenga develops intensive insect farming systems for sustainable protein production.
We produce high-quality, protein-rich and safe animal nutrition, pet food and organic fertilizer by using Black Soldier Flies in our novel, scalable bioconversion process to recapture nutrients from organic side-streams. Our innovative circular economy approach focuses on driving necessary change in the global food supply chain.


PureSpace’s solution applies to fresh produce all along the cold chain and increases their shelf life, thus reducing post-harvest losses. It has developed a proprietary nano-catalyst technology to completely decompose ethylene gas and airborne bacteria effectively and safely. The solution can be deployed at multiple points of the supply chain such as storages, ripening chamber, and containers for export/ truck transportation.


Pzartech develops a visual recognition technologies that enables technicians maintaining complex mechanical equipment to quickly identify parts using image processing and deep learning. We aim to enable maintenance operator to receive info regarding the mechanical parts they are working on using cameras from smartphones and tablets.


RetargetLinks invented and patented the concept of “link” retargeting. It allows marketers to display targeted ads to any person clicking links made with their short link service. About 15 ads are displayed over 2 weeks through Google Display Network, Facebook and other networks in premium publications like Vogue, FastCompany, CNN etc. It’s used by email, social, influencer and affiliate marketers at more than 3,000 small and big companies including Procter & Gamble, Uber and WPP.


Rovo is a social network & marketplace for casual sports players. It inspires them to play more by helping them to connect & transact with other like-minded players & also coaches, venues or tournaments near them.
We are founded by 4 early employees at RedMart & also recently acquired a local competitor focusing on Soccer. This story was also featured on TechInAsia & various other media. We started Rovo to solve our own problem of finding players to play with, but it was our users who convinced us to go full time. We were the official app for Sports Singapore’s inaugural Singapore Tennis Festival in 2017. We conducted over 100 tennis clinics island wide in Singapore through the Rovo app – Something that SportsSG has never done before! The founders also previously had a failed startup (Shutterpair). One of our founders also shared about why we failed an event to help others learn from our failures.


SalesCandy is the first action-based* instant routing lead management system that would encourage prompt lead follow-up while improving accountability in salespeople of various industries. As a result,you can focus on generating high-quality leads that convert to sales with efficient marketing campaigns, instead of high volume of underperforming leads which leads to low sales staff morale and burnout. SalesCandy is capable of instant-routing* leads from Facebook Lead Ads and websites using our CandyPixel technology. It also comes with a Smart Alert* feature that is not found in any other LMS in the market.

Shenzhen Xiaozao Technology

Founded in 2016, Shenzhen Qianhai Xiaozao Technology Co., Ltd. (Xiaozao Tech) is a venture-backed biotechnology company pioneering the development and commercialization of specialty ingredients from microalgae. Operating at three locations in China and the US, our international team of scientists and engineers have developed robust proprietary technologies that are enabling the large-scale, commercial cultivation and processing of the marine microalga, Nannochloropsis salina to produce a portfolio of novel essential fatty acid products containing eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and animal nutrition products based on live algae and processed algal biomass. Xiaozao Tech’s unique, green manufacturing process uses repurposed CO2 generated from a nearby power plant, sea water, and sunlight to grow microalgae on a farm built on non-arable land reclaimed from a former salt production facility. Xiaozao Tech is poised to launch its first human nutrition and aquaculture products based on N. salina at the end of 2018. When our facility is fully built out, it will recapture thousands of tons of CO2 to help mitigate the effects of this greenhouse gas and provide hundreds of jobs in a region with limited employment opportunities. Xiaozao Tech is committed to the continued improvement of our current technology and the responsible development of our production capacity to meet the growing global demand for EPA.


Sightecho Ltd. is an augmented reality company, founded in April 2017, aiming to extend human capabilities. Our short term goal is to build the world’s first smart scuba diving mask “Mirage” with augmented reality and various safety features. All the life-saving information needed to dive safely is displayed using a transparent heads-up display in the line of sight, for example, depth, time remaining and no decompression limit. Divers can also get warnings and instructions when hazardous situations occur, which is an intuitive and novel way to improve diving experience. In the future, we will transfer the core AR technology into similar demographic markets like skiing goggles and bicycle helmets. We position ourselves as a high-tech company where our products is targeting the middle to high-end sports markets.


Silexica provides software development solutions that enable technology companies to take intelligent products from concept to deployment by mastering state-of-the-art embedded computing platforms. The SLX programming tools analyze how software runs on heterogeneous multicore processors and provide deep system understanding for the developer. Silexica was founded in 2014 and has so far received $28million in funding. With its headquarters in Germany and offices in the US and Japan, a team of world-leading software engineers support market leading automotive suppliers for ADAS and other advanced systems, as well as major names in 5G wireless, Aerospace & Defence and other rapidly transforming industries.


SilverPush is the world’s first contextual advertising platform for video content. With stringent privacy laws preventing the use of personal data, advertisers are left with limited means to reach their target audience. Using Artificial Intelligence combined with computer vision, SilverPush solves this problem by making ads contextually relevant, without using personalized data. SilverPush detects objects, logos, faces, emotions etc. in video content in real-time, and uses that information to show contextually relevant ads to users.


SinFooTech is a food technology start-up that seeks to play a part in the creation of a resource-efficient, circular economy in the food manufacturing industry. We aim to do so by adding value to food processing by-products, and turning them into innovative food ingredients and products. Through this, we hope to contribute towards improving food security globally, by increasing food yields obtained from the same amount of resources that are currently put into food manufacturing, and at the same time, reduce the environmental footprint of the food manufacturing industry.

SinFooTech’s breakthrough technological innovation involves the creation of a patented fermentation technology to bio-transform tofu whey, a liquid waste by-product generated in large amounts from the manufacture of tofu, into a first-of-its-kind soy alcoholic beverage named ͞Sachi͟. As tofu whey has limited commercial value, tofu manufacturers usually dispose of it directly into the sewage, and this could result in water pollution. This is because the whey contains nutrients, which can facilitate the growth of spoilage micro-organisms that produce foul-smelling odours.

With our technology, significant value is added to tofu whey, such that it no longer needs to be disposed of, and can instead be transformed into a value-added alcoholic beverage product with immense commercial potential. In doing so, tofu manufacturers are presented with the opportunity to monetise their tofu whey, all while reducing their environmental footprint. For alcoholic beverage consumers, they are presented with a first-of-its-kind soy alcoholic beverage with a pleasant sake-like flavour profile, which is rich in soy antioxidants, and is sustainably produced.

Sachi͟ and its technology are but first steps towards SinFooTech’s mission of promoting sustainable food production through the use of food biotechnology – in due course, we hope to conduct research into other food processing by-products as well, so as to add value to them too


We deliver data-powered customer acquisition & retention platform to enterprise B2C businesses. We harness millions of data points from paper & digital receipts to connect spending behavior with consumer demographics and geographic location. This powerhouse of information can help businesses understand, acquire and retain customers like never before.

Our Co-founder & CEO, Nav, has been a marketing consultant for 9+ years now, consulting big FMCG companies with data driven consumer & retail insights. Last year, Nav was an interview with a toy maker and the interviewer started to complain that my consulting firm has a lot of data on FMCG and nothing for a toy maker like them. That got me thinking! I realized that we could potentially get a lot of information from an otherwise “worthless” receipt and turn it into insights for any B2C company. Nav turned down the job with the toy maker and Stamplet was born.

TagTeam Inc

TagTeam is a mixed reality gaming company. We believe in the Power of Play. Play is how we learn, how we interact with others, how we explore our limits. As a kid, your play was as great as your capacity to invent. At TagTeam, we pioneer leading-edge technology to amplify the fruits of child-like imagination, to create Turbo-charged Play.

Ternion Biosciences

TERNION Biosciences is a Singapore biotech startup that aims to disrupt drug safety testing in animals to drastically reduce the time and costs involved to enable affordable personalized and safe medicines. Current drug safety assays still rely on lengthy and costly animal based studies which do not fully recapitulate human physiology, coupled with laborious and low throughput electrophysiological techniques to efficiently screen large numbers of compounds. This leads to many of the drug toxicity cases in human clinical trials. At TERNION, we have developed a proprietary rapid, precise high throughput and high content assay using high speed microscopy to visualize and accurately quantify drug induced events in 100s of human stem cell derived cardiomyocytes simultaneously (not achievable via manual or automated patch clamping in the same duration). Alongside individual genetic screening, our platform can be customized to screen for drug toxic effects for every individual prior to treatment, enabling faster and safer translation for clinical outcomes, making preclinical personalized drug safety screening a reality. TERNION’s team of highly motivated scientists have extensive combined expertise in human stem cells and tissue engineering, electrophysiology, advanced optics and all technical demands and know-how of the assays. Additionally, our advisors are luminaries and key opinion leaders in the field, giving us a significant edge over competition. We have started to gather market traction and have been awarded the SPRING TECS-POV grant in Singapore to implement and develop an even higher throughput version of our platform which will be a revolutionary tool for drug toxicity screening and preclinical drug development checkpoint. Taken together, this will accelerate the adoption of the new cardiac safety guidelines, reduce the usage of animals in drug safety assays, enable humanized personalized drug safety and reduce the costs in developing safe medicines for every individual.


THE.WAVE.TALK has developed rapid water contamination sensor. Our laser tech is 10,000 more sensitive than conventional technologies and can detect even small concentration of bacteria on much larger quantities of water.


TransferFi is creating the world’s first long-range, safe and efficient Wireless Power Network (WPN). It will be used to power Industrial IoT sensors to reduce wiring complexity and high-power applications that will provide easy access to primary sources of energy such as remote and offshore renewable. All this is done through patented signal optimization and beamforming algorithms that will extend the range of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) to more than 100 meters. TFi is revolutionizing the way we access power.

Overall, they have far exceeded the world leaders in far field wireless power transfer, powering up vibration (3-axis accelerometer), pressure, temperature & humidity sensors with real time data transmission (every second) at a range of 40 meters. This showcases their 100x efficiency improvement over competitors. This was featured on National Geographic within a show called “City of Tomorrow: Singapore”(https://youtu.be/2OxGdJImFBs?t=1848).

Transforma Robotics

The emergence of new technologies and automation in the construction sector has been at a slow pace for decades. But significant changes in the sector and processes are anticipated in future as a result of the serious productivity problems faced in the construction environment. Besides, the needs for building, construction and maintenance are growing all around the world, while the construction industry is dealing with the shortage of skilled workers and wage increases. It is evident that inefficient management of resources and use of unskilled workers can result in a considerable decline in construction quality and productivity.
Transforma Robotics is a spin-off tech startup from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore. We offer robots and robotic services to the construction industry, specifically in indoor wall painting and construction quality assessment. We develop new robotics technology that can help companies address labour shortage, increase productivity and address workplace safety at the same time. Our robots perform the tasks that are troublesome, dangerous, dirty or highly demanding in a semi or fully autonomous way.


TreeDots tackles the problem of food waste with its platform to link buinesses with unsold inventory to potential buyers to not let perfectly edible food, end up in the bin. TreeDots’ platform aggregates food producers, importers, distributors, and F&B businesses to facilitate the selling of unsold food items. Leveraging on machine learning and integrated systems, we enhance the efficiency of food distribution. Essentially, TreeDots is Asia’s first B2B food outlet mall.
Within its first year of operations, TreeDots has saved more than 50 tons of food that would otherwise end up in the bin. These foods would have contributed 127 tons of CO2 emissions and utilized 3,833 gallons of irrigated water.

Triple W Japan K.K.

Did you know that there are 500 million patients worldwide who suffer from incontinence? Incontinence occurs when your muscles controlling your bladder are too weak or active. And there are other reasons for incontinence, such as nerve damage.

This is why we developed “DFree”, the world’s first wearable excretion timing predictor. “DFree” comes from “Diaper Free”. A small sensor attached to your lower abdomen monitors your bladder using ultrasound technology. Data collected from your bladder is analyzed to predict when you need to go to the bathroom. Then, you receive a notification on your phone letting you know the right timing to go there. Using “DFree”, patients no longer have to worry about having accidents about excretion, and feel the embarrassment of wearing diapers.

“DFree” is now widely marketed in Japan, used in over 500 senior care facilities. “DFree” has also won numerous innovation awards, with the latest one being “Pitch Innovation Prize” by AgeingFit, an organization accelerating innovation in the senior care market.

There has been a great increase in social welfare spending, especially among the developed nations. One of the reasons for this is an aging society. In this situation, we have to control our health by ourselves and the government also have to make the institution to let us do so. Especially excretion is the biggest problem, because incontinence impairs the human dignity and makes burden of caregivers increase most. That’s why it is very important to go to the bathroom by themselves for their self-reliant lives. We believe that having control of excretion is the key to gaining independence. DFree will empower people with incontinence to live without worries and live the fullest life.


Ubudu’s mission is to eliminate waste in asset & people flow. Ubudu develops High-Accuracy Geolocation Systems to improve the productivity and safety of operations in physical sites. Asset tracking, worker safety, resource utilisation analytics and service automation are among the use cases we provide to our clients. For example, Ubudu is the company that enables McDonald’s to save 20 secs per table service by geolocating customers in the restaurant. Being deployed in 1,500 McDonald’s restaurants worldwide, it saves a total of around 8,300 hours per day and deployment is still ongoing. Ubudu has invested more than 50 man-years in R&D to build an end-to-end High-Accuracy Geolocation solution including both Hardware and Software. Ubudu simply works with small tags or smartphones exchanging radio-signals with fixed sensors, and a location server that computes and processes the position. Ubudu technology is multi-radio to ensure any asset in any physical environment can be geolocated at low cost and with high-accuracy.

Ubudu was founded in France in 2011 by two engineers, Francois Kruta and Thomas Saphir. Driven by their longstanding passion for change through technology, exerted successfully during careers in large industrial, consulting and startup firms, they saw the Internet of Things revolution coming, and decided to focus on perhaps the most critical data it requires: location. Ubudu opened a Production and R&D office in Warsaw, Poland in 2014 and a commercial office in Hong Kong in 2015.


uHoo is an indoor air sensor that tracks and analyzes the air you breathe and provides you insights and solutions to create a healthier home and workplace.”


Umitron builds user & eco-friendly data platform in aquaculture to improve farm efficiency and manage environmental risk for sustainable ocean by using IoT, satellite remote sensing and AI. Recently, Umitron closed S$15.2mil investment to lead sustainable development of aquaculture through technology as an aquatech pioneer.


With more than 1 million users and growing 30,000 every month, Visualping is the No1 website change monitoring. It allows users to be first (a price drop, a scarce product becoming available, a scholarship, a job posting) or automate recurrent cheques currently done by a human (competitive monitoring, request for proposals, changes in law and regulations, news about certain stocks etc). It is a freemium service used by individuals, small business and large corporates including Google, Apple, Citigroup, The Wall Street Journal, General Electric, governments like the US and the UK and thousand others.

WatchTower Robotics

WatchTower Robotics, Inc. is a technology solution start-up that has developed leak detection robotics, analytics, and mapping systems. WatchTower uses two key design innovations to outperform existing leak detection technologies. First, WatchTower uses tactile sensors to detect leaks. In a pressurized water pipe, water escaping from a leak will produce a suction force at the leak. This membrane sensor reacts to this suction force and measures a leak. Second, WatchTower’s uses soft body drones to detect leaks. It is flow driven and can cover a long distance per deployment. It can squeeze in order to adapt to tuberculation as well as other kinds of pipe diameter reductions, and it can bend to go around pipe elbows. This allows the robot to be inserted and taken out of pipe networks through existing features such as fire hydrants and T-junctions. The drone uses state-of-the-art Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms to determine its position in addition to the position of the leaks in the pipes. WatchTower’s design solutions were developed in response to water leaks among industrial partners in Saudi Arabia, where 90% of their water comes from expensive desalination plants. In this situation, 30% of desalinated water was lost due to leaks in the pipes, prior to reaching the customer. WatchTower’s design and engineering team worked to solve the problem in Saudi Arabia by developing a robot that swims through pipes and mapping leaks against existing GIS data. To date, WatchTower has completed three paid pilot tests, two in industrial applications and one in rural Virginia, and over 40 cities have requested pilots.


Wearable X is a fashion tech company that brings together design and technology to create a better quality of life.

The Sydney-born, NYC-based company launched in 2013 with a product centered around touch. The first development of the haptic platform was Fundawear: vibrating underwear for couples in long distance relationships. Done in partnership with Havas for a Durex campaign, the success of this campaign led to the launch of Wearable Experiments (now Wearable X). Exploring the intersection between technology and fashion, they worked with Fox Sports (Foxtel) on the future of fan engagement: The Alert Shirt. Through the engineering of both hardware, software and apparel, The Alert Shirt allowed for true innovation. The industry responded by awarding the product the Best Fan Engagement Award at the 2014 Clio Sports Awards New York. The success of these partnerships led to other brand executions, including campaigns with Oakley, The Store of the Future, and others in both sports and experience design.

In 2016, Wearable X, incorporated to be able to build products for themselves. Fan Jersey (X) was launched at Super Bowl 50 in collaboration with several large consumer beverage brands and was awarded the Wearable Award at Show Room Privee. The EURO Fan Shirt was showcased on the NewsCorp Yacht and the Contagious Villa. This European Football specific shirt was also involved in the Manchester Citizens Weekend where it was part of an activation with 3000 fans. In May 2017 Wearable X launched its first direct to consumer product, Nadi X, a line of activated yoga apparel. Woven-in haptic motors guide the user during their practise and sensors evaluate the user’s posture in real-time. In June 2018, Wearable X successfully launched a Kickstarter campaign, releasing new designs and a men’s line for Nadi X.


Whichit is an interactive commercial marketing format, delivering native content across all channels while increasing user engagement, opening new revenue streams and gaining actionable insights

Whichit’s flagship tool is a highly engaging interactive commercial-ad format that is delivered to audiences as an addictive survey/quiz where they answer fun, image-based questions, giving you the perfect message at the right time. Beneath the surface lies a super-powered, big data machine learning insights engine that informs you of their unique preferences, drives them to specific commercial actions and increases engagement and conversion by whopping numbers.

The company has an innovative proprietary technology that profiles users based on their preferences and uses machine learning to provide bespoke commercial incentives in real time. The technology and the unique ad-formats allow our clients see exponentially higher engagement rates than comparable ad units, while running their campaigns on multiple channels from one platform.


There are 3 billion people in the world who do not have access to the internet and delivering a cost-effective connectivity solution to bridge this digital divide is a grand challenge. On the other hand, the key bottleneck for IoT-enabled Smart Cities is again connectivity. To connect 50 billion IoT devices requires the networks to be low power, low cost and most importantly scalable for large numbers of sensors.

Spun off from A*STAR, Whizpace offers THE solutions based on TV White Space (TVWS), a.k.a. Super Wi-Fi. TVWS makes use of underutilized TV spectrum for wireless communications. Whizpace is a world-leader in TVWS technologies, and the only TVWS firm in the Asia Pacific Region. Whizpace’s award-winning products are protected by patents (pending patents) and proprietary know-hows. Our product has been certified by IMDA.

With long-range, often exceeding 10km, and good-penetration advantages, TVWS lowers the cost of the network and increases the speed of deployment by up to 10x. Whizpace has successfully deployed and piloted its solutions in 10 countries covering applications such as rural internet, smart energy, smart farming, safety & security and Industry 4.0. Ultimately, we envision a world where everyone and everything can be affordably connected for better lives.

Vision Strategy Storytelling

80% of the internet traffic will soon be video. At this pace they only way to produce a faster and cheaper way is through having your staff become the storytellers.

With their busy schedules, companies are struggling to ensure video brand alignment around the world and maintain the volume of videos needed.

StorySWIFT is a B2B subscription service that helps visionary brands get more video visibility in low cost, scalable way.


Zyllem Enterprise lets you build, operate, and monitor your logistics networks. It allows you to model your processes and monitor your operators (your own assets and 3PL partners) in one platform. By giving you full visibility and control, Zyllem equips you with the right technology to tackle the ever-evolving challenges in the face of digitalization, deployed as SaaS model. The strength of our solution resides in its flexibility to configure different processes and customer SLAs into one single platform, so you can monitor and manage deliveries and exceptions, regardless if the deliveries are fulfilled by your in-house fleet or outsourced 3PLs. Our solution also built-in intelligent planning and routing capabilities, trigger and communications, event management, digital documentations and much more. All part of our standard feature offerings. The platform is open and agile and implementation is fast. Zyllem is a Singaporean Software company to enable companies in Retail, Distribution, Ecommerce, Logistics, FMCG area with Logistics Virtualization. Our team is passionate about technology committed to bring new features and enhancements to our customers every couple of months, without any additional charges.




Prasad Vanga
Founder & CEO
Anthill Ventures



Prasad Vanga is the founder & CEO of Anthill Ventures, a speed scaling platform for early growth stage startups. Within two years, Anthill has built a startup portfolio of 22 companies across India, US and SE Asia that has grown by 3X in portfolio value. In his current role Prasad leads the strategy, fund management and venture building at Anthill

Prasad has over 18 years of experience in helping senior executives from large organizations like Symantec, Nike, Nestle, Novartis, Wachovia, HSBC and YES Bank to drive business transformations. His expertise is to help senior leaders discover the core competence of their organizations and design a change management framework that allows them to leverage their culture to drive large transformations.

Prasad also has the experience of an Entrepreneur who built a $25M company within 3 years and as an Investor he has backed several successful companies like Medplus, Zenoti and Tynker which provided exits of >12X

He brings a unique expertise of combining large corporate consulting ,entrepreneurship and startup investments experience. This experience enables him to combine corporate scalability and startup agility in creating Scalable Companies with Speed.

He is a board advisor to ISB (Indian School of Business) SRITNE center of excellence, Charter Member (TiE) and an active Alumni of the Stanford Business School. His achievements have been quoted in several media including CNBC TV18, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur, Forbes Asia and the Economic times.


Dr Santitarn Sathirathai
Group Chief Economist
Sea Group



Dr Santitarn Sathirathai is the Group Chief Economist of Sea Group, one of the leading tech companies in ASEAN and Taiwan that operates Garena, Shopee and Airpay.

Prior to joining Sea, Santitarn was the Head of Emerging Asia Economics Research at Credit Suisse where he advised public and private investors, covering 10 economies. He was the only economist in Asia to have won the prestigious best economic forecaster award by Consensus Economics for three consecutive years.

He is a visiting lecturer at Chulalongkorn University and a regular columnist for one of the top Thai language business newspapers. Previously, he also worked at the Ministry of Finance, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, and the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation. Santitarn was selected as one of Asia’s 21 young leaders in 2017 by Asia Society.

Santitarn holds a doctorate degree in Public Policy and a master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard University, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Economics and a master’s degree from the LSE.


Joel Bar-El
Co-Founder and CEO
Trax Technology Solutions



Mr. Joel Bar-El is our co-founder and has served as our chief executive officer (CEO) since October 2011. He is responsible for Trax’s vision and overall market strategy and execution. Before being named CEO of Trax, Mr. Bar-El served as our chief technology officer (CTO) since Trax’s inception.

Prior to Trax, Mr. Bar-El served as CEO of Sentryi Limited, a wealth management software company, which after four years of business was sold to IRESS Limited. He also co-founded Tersus Software Limited, where he built and managed global sales channels and marketing activities.

Mr. Bar-El also previously served as SunGard Business Integration General Manager for Asia Pacific and later North America, overseeing complete P&L and execution in those regions.

Among other skills and qualifications, Mr. Bar-El has a unique ability to envision, develop and deliver paradigm changing technologies and is in every sense, a tech entrepreneur. He has spent the last 20 years delivering technology solutions to blue-chip clients and holds a B.Sc. in Physics from Tel Aviv University.




Magnus Grimeland
CEO & Founder



As the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Antler (www.antler.co), Magnus leads a global team dedicated to developing the next generation of world-changing companies and, creating a global pipeline for top talents to pursue a career in entrepreneurship and innovation. Magnus is passionate about helping aspiring leaders build businesses that can positively impact local, regional and global economies. In an age where both talent and technology are global; Magnus and his team believe that anyone with the right talent, drive and ambition can change the world. He is now dedicated to finding these key individuals and providing them with the infrastructure, support and investments needed to build great companies.

With over a decade of experience under his belt, Magnus is most prominently known for co- founding ZALORA.com, Asia’s largest fashion e-commerce company. ZALORA.com was later acquired by Global Fashion Group (GFG), the latter of which he served as COO and Managing Director, rolling out the firms marketplace across 26 countries. He was responsible for strategic market initiatives and improving the business across SEA, the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Oceania.

Magnus is an alumnus of Harvard University and McKinsey & Company in which he worked for six years. His last role at McKinsey & Co was as a Junior Partner, working across North America, Europe and Asia in the global telecom, media and high-tech industries. As of public service, Magnus served within the Royal Norwegian Navy Special Operations – Marinejegerkommandoen (Navy Seals). Magnus also served as captain in the Royal National Lifeboat Institution in the UK, while attending United World College (UWC) of the Atlantic, during which he received several certifications in mountain rescue. Magnus was also part of setting up a development project in Kantalumba, Zambia, targeted at clean water, electricity, basic health-care training and building sustainable businesses.


Jussi Salovaara
Co-founder and Managing Partner Asia



Jussi is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner Asia at Antler, focusing on running Antler’s SEA strategy and operations. He is very passionate about helping founders build their business and has a hands-on approach to coach them.

He has over a decade of experience in areas of investment and strategy, across different industries including engineering and IoT. Before Antler, he was the Vice President at Nokia’s headquarters running Product, Strategy, Sales and Commercial functions. He has also had his experiences built across working with McKinsey, Deloitte and Morgan Stanley. He was educated in Helsinki School of Economics and London School of Economics.


Dave Ng
B Capital Group



Dave Ng is a Principal at B Capital Group. Prior to B Capital, Dave was a Director at Oracle where he led the strategy for Cloud and Converged Infrastructure business. He has invested in promising early and growth stage enterprise and consumer technology companies such as Icertis, CXA Group, Ninja Van, Referral Candy and iVideoSmart. Dave currently serves on the Board of CXA and Ninja Van as Observer.Previously, Dave was an early employee at Zuora, the leading enterprise SaaS for Subscription Business management. At Zuora, he led strategy and operations for the Services business, focusing on people, process and infrastructure growth – scaling and expanding across US, EMEA and APAC. Earlier on, Dave was a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group working across China and Southeast Asia. He began his career in product development as a software engineer at Oracle, delivering multiple major product releases.

Dave graduated from Harvard and Carnegie Mellon.


Pei Sze Ng
Head of Innovation Centre, Singapore
Bayer AG



Pei Sze is the Head of Innovation Centre, Singapore in Bayer AG. The innovation centre is part of the Open Innovation and Digital Technologies function in Bayer with presence in Europe, USA and Asia. Her team is responsible for identifying new opportunities in R&D/digital technologies, establishing and managing collaborations with external partners in the Asia Pacific region. She started her career in Cerulean Pharma, a biotech start-up in Boston while doing her post doctorate training at MIT. Prior to joining Bayer, she was working as a deputy director in Agency for Science, Technology & Research, Singapore where she led a team in scanning for innovations in life sciences and establishing research programmes and partnerships with pharmaceutical and FMCG companies.

Pei Sze was trained as a pharmacist at the National University of Singapore and has a Ph.D. in medicinal chemistry from Purdue University, U.S.A.


Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin
Founder and CEO



Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin launched BlueChilli in 2011 to enable corporates, innovators (entrepreneurs) and investors to come together to solve big problems with technology.

Through his revolutionary venture technology concept, Sebastien has redesigned the business model for the early stage investment and development of technology startups.

BlueChilli works with non-technical entrepreneurs, investors and corporate customers to build, grow and invest in great new tech startup ventures. The company’s goal is to build a startup portfolio valued in excess of 1 Billion by 2020.

Headquartered in Sydney with incubator spaces in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the company has portfolio startups in most Australian capitals, the US and Canada.

BlueChilli invests technology IP, expert advice and early-stage funding in the startups it creates via a rigorous accelerator program curriculum, a dedicated product development team and the AUD10M BlueChilli Venture Fund, one of the few funds to gain ESVCLP status in Australia since 2007.

Sebastien has received many awards, including E&Y entrepreneur of the year in 2013, three time Anthill 30 under 30 recipient, most inspirational engineer nominee for IEAust and top post graduate researcher at UNSW in 2007 for his patented technology in landing UAVs autonomously on warships.

In Sebastien’s own words…

“Australia has no shortage of entrepreneurs, but our experience in commercialising new technology is lacking, and we don’t have ready access to Silicon Valley’s large community of experienced technology engineers and developers. BlueChilli’s focus is to empower non-technical entrepreneurs with great ideas, acting as their technical and advisory partner, and taking a minority equity position to align ourselves with their success.”

“Our experience with lean startup methodology is now in demand in corporate strategy, as large brands seek to learn how to identify, validate and develop innovations cheaply and rapidly, like a startup does.”


Bernard Siew
VP, Innovation Lab
Changi Airport Group



Bernard Siew is the Vice President, Innovation Lab, Changi Airport Group (CAG). His key responsibilities include building an external innovation partnership network to co-innovate, develop and implement practical innovations at Changi Airport.Prior to this role, Bernard was the Deputy Director, Innovation & Enterprise, National Research Foundation (NRF) and responsible for the formulation of innovation policies to support the commercialization of R&D in Singapore. Prior to that, Bernard was a Head at EDB, where he focused on the growth and development of the Media & Digital Entertainment sector.

He graduated with a BSc in Mechanical Engineering from University of Michigan, USA; and a MSc in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, USA.


Bidyut Dumra
Executive Director
DBS Innovation Group



Dumra is an intrapreneur by day, an entrepreneur by night and a werewolf on a full moon night. Within the Innovation Group the mission is to support the banks vision to the ‘Best Bank in the World 2020’ by creating innovators on the inside while building effective partnerships with the outside. He has worked across various industries, such as, media, telecoms, entertainment, automotive, energy and aviation and attempts one startup every year.


Kow Ya
Executive Director
DeClout Limited



Ms Kow Ya is the Executive Director of DeClout Limited. Backed by more than 20 years of experience in sales, business development and management in the IT industry, Ms Kow is responsible for synergising the business operations of the Group to achieve optimal corporate effectiveness and efficiency. She also oversees the strategic function of investor relations and corporate marketing of the Group, building connections with the investing community and establishing strong brand equity for DeClout.

Prior to her appointment as the Executive Director of DeClout Limited, Ms Kow has played a pivotal role in charting the development and growth of Procurri, growing the support coverage in Asia Pacific to more than 17 countries regionally. She has also laid a firm foundation for the business to continue to grow and scale to greater heights, in particular the globalisation of Procurri.

Before joining the Group, Ms Kow was the General Manager of Centia Pte Ltd., a subsidiary of Cavu Corp Pte. Ltd., and was responsible for spearheading and driving the financial performance of the company. She first began her career at HP Singapore.


Lim Swee Yong
Head of Corporate Office
DeClout Limited



Mr Lim Swee Yong joined as the Head of Corporate Office for DeClout in August 2015, and is responsible for providing leadership to the Group’s business development and growth strategies, as well as to drive mergers and acquisitions and other corporate initiatives. He also oversees the Group’s legal and corporate secretarial functions and heads the Group’s corporate venture arm, DeClout Investments.

Prior to joining DeClout, Mr Lim was Vice President, Legal at Fullerton Fund Management Company Ltd, and before that, a Director with Stamford Law Corporation specialising in mergers and acquisitions, capital markets, venture capital and private equity. Mr Lim graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) from the National University of Singapore, and is qualified to act as an advocate and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore and as a solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.


Emily Tan
General Manager
Energy Transition Singapore & Shell Ventures Singapore



Emily Tan is the General Manager, Energy Transition Singapore and Shell Ventures Singapore. Emily delivers the Energy Transition Programme in Singapore, and supports Shell Ventures’ growth aspirations in Asia.

Emily brings with her a wealth of experience in building teams and delivering growth. She was previously General Manager of Shell’s Bitumen business in Asia and Middle East, where she firmly established Shell as the market leader in the region. Prior to that she was Commercial Manager for Shell Chemicals.

Before joining Shell, Emily had started a technology commercialisation company which licensed out over 100 technologies and spun off over 20 start-ups. She started her career with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) where she played numerous roles, including Head of International Policy and Director of EDB London Centre.

Emily has an MBA from INSEAD, a Masters from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a bachelor degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, both in Electrical Engineering.


Ted Tan
Enterprise Singapore



Mr Ted Tan is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Singapore, the government agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry responsible for championing enterprise growth.

Mr Tan plays an important role in growing local enterprises, particularly in building their capabilities, enhancing their competitiveness and connecting them to business networks and opportunities. A major part of Mr Tan’s portfolio is the establishment of strategic partnerships, both locally and
internationally, to help start-ups and enterprises grow into globally competitive companies.

Prior to his current appointment, Mr Tan was the Deputy CEO of SPRING and International Enterprise (IE) Singapore. He was the Chairman and Board Member of several companies including the International Trade Institute of Singapore and CrimsonLogic, as well as Board Member of SPRING and DesignSingapore Council. He is currently the Chairman of SEEDS Capital, Chairman of IPI, Steering Board Member of Advanced Remanufacturing Technology Centre (ARTC), Board Member of Singapore Management University Academy and SAL Ventures Ltd and Member of the Committee for Private Education (CPE) of SkillsFuture Singapore.

Before joining the public service, Mr Tan spent 18 years in the private sector and held senior positions including President and CEO of US-based Cendant Asia Pacific, Managing Director of UK-based Telsis Ltd’s Asia operation, Senior Vice-President of CSE Global Ltd, Chief Operating Officer of eBworx and Director of Sales at General Electric. He was instrumental in the listing of fintech company eBworx prior to joining the
public service.

Mr Tan graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration. He is an alumnus of the Advanced Management Programme at Harvard Business School.


Kelvin Ong
FocusTech Ventures



With over 18 years of experience in precision engineering & technology, Kelvin is the founder & CEO of FocusTech Ventures (FTV), a Singapore based private investment firm. Kelvin served as the Executive Director of Focus-Tech Holding, leading shareholder of HDD component maker Seksun Group, founded by Chairman Dr Felix Ong. Kelvin was instrumental in driving the company’s business development & strategic investment efforts across Southeast Asia & China that culminated in its S$295M exit. Kelvin is also the founding partner of early stage venture capital firm TNB Ventures, where he oversees B2B opportunities around advanced manufacturing, IoT & robotics. As an active angel investor & advocate for hardware entrepreneurship, he established OneMakers Group to develop the regional maker ecosystem & partnered with National Research Foundation (NRF) through FTV primarily to support hardware startups under the iJAM incubation scheme. Kelvin currently serves as one of NRF’s Central Gap Fund Technical Advisors.


Alvin Ng
General Manager
GE Digital



Alvin is chartered to lead ASEAN GE Digital’s industrial software solutions and services that bring together brilliant machines, data, insights, and people to drive real-time connectivity and data intelligence through a digital thread.

Alvin began his leadership journey in Cisco Systems. His last role at Cisco was the Managing Director of Cisco Systems Global Enterprise Sales with responsibility over Cisco Systems’ largest Global Enterprise customers generating over $350M worth of revenue for Cisco.

Before joining GE Digital, Alvin Ng was the Regional Vice President, Banking Products & Solutions, for Wincor Nixdorf. He leads the Software Business Unit for Asia Pacific & Japan and have the overall P&L responsibility of US$100M for sales, consulting and professional services.


Kelvin Tay
Director, Future Mobility
Goldbell Group



Kelvin Tay is the Director of Future Mobility for Goldbell Group (Goldbell), Singapore’s market leader in distribution and leasing of commercial vehicles. Spearheading the Group’s mobility accelerator venture under three main verticals – Sharing Economy, Electric and Autonomous – Kelvin is responsible for steering innovative and transformative initiatives, focusing on
investment analysis, partnership building, as well as operationalisation of new technologies.

Throughout his 15-year professional journey, Kelvin’s expertise in business development, venture capital management and fund-raising initiatives saw him leading several incubation projects that helped local SMEs and start-ups grow. As CEO of Corous360 Pte Ltd, Kevin was responsible for the launch of its Southeast Asia e-commerce platform, leading the business to
profitability and a rapid growth of 200% within just two years. Another key highlight of his career includes managing Southeast Asia’s top online game operator Infocomm Asia Holdings as the Vice President of International Business Development, where he led the acquisition of game titles from China and was responsible for launching a sports-based online game into the Chinese market.

Kelvin began his career with government agencies Economic Development Board, SPRING Singapore and Contact Singapore, where he was responsible for growing foreign investments
and attracting entrepreneurial talent into Singapore, as well as supporting the growth of local enterprises, before moving into the private sector where he held various executive positions
with companies such as DeClout Limited and Infocomm Asia Holdings.

He holds a bachelors degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Cornell University.


Jeffrey Paine
General Partner
Golden Gate Ventures



Jeffrey Paine is the founding partner of Golden Gate Ventures, an early stage technology venture capital fund based in Singapore investing in Southeast Asia with over US$60 million under management. Jeff started and manages the Founder Institute in Singapore where he is currently overseeing its expansion in Southeast Asia, and Japan. Since 2010 the Founder Institute in Singapore has graduated over 100 companies. He is a recipient of the Founder Institute Director Award 2012 for “Greatest Ecosystem Impact” Worldwide (Singapore).Golden Gate Ventures’ investments in Southeast Asia include Redmart, Carousell, Tradegecko, Coda Payments, Ayannah, Orami, Ruma, Moneysmart, Grana and Appota amongst others.

He is a Singapore native and graduated with a Bachelors of Business Administration (Information Systems) from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.


Samuele Saini
Head of Strategy & Insights
Google Large Customer Sales




Samuele Saini is the Head of Strategy & Insights team in Google Large Customer
Sales, based in Singapore. Samuele and his team work with many of the largest
businesses in Southeast Asia to help them achieve their business objectives through
Google media solutions. The team has deep analytical capabilities, digital media
understanding and strategic mindset, and is aligned with key industry verticals such
as E-Commerce & Apps, Travel, FMCG, Retail, Tech, Telecommunication, Financial
Services and Government. Prior to Google, Samuele was at The Boston Consulting
Group in Italy and Southeast Asia. Samuele owns an MBA from INSEAD.


Danny Koik
Regional and Country Lead for Business Development and Partnerships



Danny is the Regional and Country Lead for Business Development (BD) and Partnerships for Grab. He is also the Head of Tech, Media & Telco (TMT) and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) leading his team to drive strategic partnership across Southeast Asia. Concurrently, he covers as Country Head of BD in Myanmar, where he grew the business 10x in a single quarter.

As International Enterprise (IE) Singapore’s Divisional Director of TMT, Danny spearheaded the internationalization of local trendsetters and “born global” companies ranging from FinTech, Internet businesses, E-Commerce, Media, IoT and Telecommunications sectors uncovering a number of high-potential innovative startups.

His stints in IE and IDA had large emphasis on ePayments and FinTech having rolled out nationwide NFC initiatives to promote mobile payments and led the multi-agency efforts for regional e-Payments and e-Commerce strategies.

As a professional, Danny enjoys engaging the industry and is a strong advocate of start-ups as he takes pleasure in seeing them growand being competitive.

Danny is widely known for his ability to think out-of-the-box and provide creative solutions in his approach to work and personal life.


Chong Chiet Ping
Green Meadows Accelerator




Chiet Ping has been involved with the start-ups eco system in Singapore since 2010.
She is currently a Partner with Green Meadows Accelerator (Spring’s co investment
partner as well as Small World Group Incubator. She oversees all aspects of its
operation and ensures smooth collaboration with various groups and partners in

She has worked 33 years in HP and was Senior Vice President of Operations HP Asia
Pacific where she had managed merger of Compaq/HP Operations across all Asia
Pacific – China, Japan, Australasia, India, etc. Her experience with operating in all the
countries in Asia Pacific especially China and India has provided her deep insights
into how businesses can be run in the Asia Pacific region which is a very important
market for all startups. In addition, her deep business background of 33 years with HP
allows her to help incubatees with all aspects of the business management.

She also served close to 7 years (till end 2014) on the board of Razer Inc. since the
early growth stage of the company. She is also an independent director of Ascendas
Fund Manager since 2015, a manager of SGX listed A-Reit. She has also been a
consultant to the top management team of world’s largest home appliances company
in China for close to 2 years.


Rajesh Sawhney
GSF Accelerator



Rajesh is a serial entrepreneur and business builder who has set-up multiple successful businesses over the last two decades.

Rajesh is the co-founder of InnerChef, India’s fastest growing food tech platform.

Rajesh is also the founder of GSF, India’s leading multi-city Tech-Startup Accelerator for the brightest tech startups in India. GSF provides tech startups mentorship from celebrated digital founders, initial capital and global exposure. At GSF, Rajesh is architecting the vital building blocks of a nascent early stage startup ecosystem in India.

Rajesh has made 70 angel investments as an active and engaged angel investor, which include Viki (acquired by Rakutan for USD 225M), Little Eye Labs (acquired by Facebook), Mobstac, Pokkt, Silverpush, Hackerearth, Docsapp, Whatfix, Daily Rounds, Flintobox, Quizizz, Weareholidays (acquired by Cox & King), Instalively (acquired by Hike Messenger) and Nightstay(Acquired by Paytm).

Rajesh brought private radio (Times FM) to India in the early nineties, redefining Indian youth culture. He was at the cusp of early Internet culture in India in the early 2000, building Indiatimes.com, the most valuable Internet business in India in 2005 (funded by Sequoia). Rajesh as the founding President of Reliance Entertainment, oversaw the corporatization of mom and pop Bollywood businesses into a multi-billion dollar industry. He led the biggest investment deal (Dreamworks) between Hollywood and Bollywood.

Rajesh serves on multiple boards, including that of Indiamart (India’s target B2B marketplace) and advises Trident Capital, a prominent venture firm based in Palo Alto, California.

Rajesh is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School (AMP), and has a fellowship from the London School of Economics.


Isabelle Decitre
Founder and CEO
ID Capital Pte Ltd



ID Capital is a boutique VC investment and advisory company headquartered in Singapore and specialized in agritech and foodtech in the APAC region.

Its Founder and CEO, Isabelle Decitre, has had a 20-year corporate career in the luxury and beverage industries, before moving to Singapore in 2012 and setting up the company.

After careful research for an emerging sector to invest in she was convinced that the food & agriculture sectors were bound for dramatic change and in the need for disruptive and sustainable solutions that could be enabled by technology.

The Future Food Asia (FFA) platform was born mid 2016 out of the belief that challenges facing agriculture are often region-specific, and thus, the best minds to tackle these problems can be found within local teams. Counting Singapore EDB, Enterprise Singapore, Archer Daniels Midland Company and Royal DSM among its early supporting partners, the platform connects startups with investors and multinational companies on an ongoing basis and helps building an ecosystem around the most pressing challenges of the food value chain.

FFA is accelerated by the Future Food Asia Award, a regional startup competition, now in its third edition, which lead R&D agency A*Star is also the partner of. To further its impact among Asian developing countries, ID Capital has been collaborating with the Asian Development Bank on MATCh, an agritech acceleration program specific to the Mekong River region.


Stanley Zhang
Founding Partner
Jubilee Capital Management



Stanley earned his bachelor’s degree in electronic engineering from Tsinghua University of and received his EMBA master’s degree from School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University.

Stanley was the founder of HiChina Group, the largest domain name service and webhosting service provider in China which was later acquired by Alibaba Group. As one of the earliest entrepreneurs in Internet business, Stanley built his leadership and influence in the industry. He was awarded “Outstanding Young Entrepreneur of Beijing” in 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2008 by the Beijing Municipal Government, and “Outstanding Entrepreneur” by the Beijing Zhong Guan Cun Science and Technology Park.

JCM is a venture capital investment firm that focuses on making investment to startup companies in Southeast Asia, China, US and other places. It has made dozens of investments in fintech, artificial intelligence, e-commerce logistics, tech media, meditech, enterprise software and blockchain areas.


Gan Fong Jek
Founding and Managing Partner
Jubilee Capital Management



Mr. GAN Fong Jek is Founding and Managing Partner of Jubilee Capital Management Pte Ltd (“JCM”), an early stage venture capital firm he founded in 2015 with fellow Tsinghua EMBA Alumni from Beijing. He has invested in dozens of start-up companies in fintech, artificial intelligence, e-commerce logistics, tech media, meditech, enterprise software and blockchain areas.

Fong Jek is an experienced corporate finance, strategic investment and corporate venture and business development executive in the Internet, telecoms, media, consumer products and luxury good sectors. He has worked in US Fortune 500 MNC, Temasek-owned companies, SMEs and led cross-border transactions, served as board member and shareholder representative on listed and private investee companies in UK, Indonesia, Vietnam and India when he worked in senior positions with Kraft Foods, MNC Media, MediaCorp, Sincere Watch, and Singapore Technologies Telemedia. Fong Jek started his career in Arthur Andersen and as Senior Consultant, he led assignments including corporate strategy, franchising, valuation, globalisation, restructuring, management development, branding, market research, balanced scorecard and business process re-engineering.

Fong Jek is a Fellow Chartered Accountant of Singapore and holds EMBA degrees from INSEAD (France) and Tsinghua University (Beijing), Master in Business (Family Business) and Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) from Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. He also volunteers his services as Treasurer and Board Director with Singapore Venture Capital Association, Care Corner Singapore Ltd and Care Corner Senior Services, a social service pioneer and one of the largest charity and NGO in Singapore.


Yash Sankrityayan
Vice President
Jungle Ventures



Yash Sankrityayan is part of the investment team at Jungle Ventures, before which he spent 1.5 years at the Venture Capital team at International Finance Corporation (the private investment arm of the World Bank Group). At IFC, Yash was covering India and South East Asia and was integrally involved with 4+ investments in the internet and healthcare sectors, such as BigBasket.com (India’s largest online grocer), Lenskart.com (India’s largest online eyewear brand) and Portea Medical (India’s largest home healthcare company). Prior to IFC, Yash spent 1.5 years at o3 Capital, a leading mid-market investment bank in India focused on private equity fundraising and M&A. Yash has also had prior stints at KPMG (Strategy Consulting) and Samara Capital (Private Equity), holds an MBA from FMS Delhi and a B.E Honors from BITS Pilani.


Mark Phong
Asia R&I Director
Advanced Research Labs & Business Development
L’Oreal Research & Innovation



Mark Phong currently is the Asia Director of the Advanced Research Labs and Business Development department for the Research and Innovation (R&I) Division of the L’Oreal Group. The Advanced Research labs of L’Oreal are responsible for the development of new cosmetics actives for all categories of products in the L’Oreal portfolio. The Advanced Research labs are also responsible for cutting edge scientific research in biology, chemistry, material sciences, biotechnology and biophysics to advance our knowledge of skin and hair properties in order to better understand the specific needs of our diverse world-wide consumers. The L’Oreal Asia Advanced Research labs are located in Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Bangalore, usually as part of large R&I Hubs or as standalone satellite centers.

He also heads the Asia Business Development and Strategic Foresight group, that is responsible for identifying, sourcing and negotiating the setup of new innovative external R&D collaborations with organizations of all sizes (from startups to other MNCs). The Business Development team is an integral part of L’Oreal R&I’s Open Innovation strategy that seeks to build strategic partnerships with small and medium size companies, especially with entrepreneurs and startup companies.

Before L’Oreal, Mark has extensive experience in the biotechnology and Pharmaceutical industry, having worked in the past as the VP of R&D at Curiox Biosystems, a successful Singapore based Startup Company and as a Group Leader with the American Pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly & Co based in their Singapore Research Center (Lilly Singapore Center for Drug Discovery).

Mark graduated with a double degree in Bioengineering and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania in the USA, followed by a PhD in Pharmacology from the National University of Singapore and finally an MBA from INSEAD in France/Singapore.


Atsushi Taira
Chief Growth Officer and Representative Director
Mistletoe Inc



Atsushi Taira worked for the SoftBank group for more than 12 years. In 2003, he was CMO of Yahoo! Japan Corporation, in-charge of B2C revenue and the traffic for all services. In 2008, he was CEO of MySpace Japan, a JV between News Corp and SoftBank Corp. and was involved in the early stage of Social Media. In 2010, he was SVP of Global Business Strategy at SoftBank Mobile Corp., supporting Masa Son’s vision. The company formed JVs in India, Singapore and Indonesia and invested in startups in Silicon Valley and India, and operated the subsidiary companies.Atsushi co-founded Hike, a messaging company in India. Hike boasts more than 100 million registered users, and is now a unicorn with more than $1 billion valuation. He served in InMobi, another unicorn from India, as a board member from 2012 to 2016. From 2013, he relocated to Silicon Valley to manage strategic directions in the US, supporting US subsidiaries and Silicon Valley investments. He joined Mistletoe Inc., founded by Taizo Son, in Feb 2016 as Chief Growth Officer and Representative Director and is traveling Tokyo, Silicon Valley, India and Southeast Asia regularly to find and grow innovative startups.


Victor Ng
Executive Director (Investments) and Futurist
Mistletoe Inc



Victor is currently Executive Director (Investments) & Futurist at Mistletoe, a mission-driven organization that nurtures and invests in start-ups working to solve the grand challenges of our world. Prior to Mistletoe, Victor started his career as a serial entrepreneur, before becoming a finance professional with diverse experiences in venture capital, private equity, M&A and investor relations.


Weixuan Chan
Head, Connect & Development Programme
Procter & Gamble




Weixuan Chan is the Head of Procter & Gamble (P&G)’s Connect & Development program. She is the first Singaporean to be appointed to this leadership position in P&G Research and Development organization.

Prior to this role, Weixuan spearheaded global product design strategy for P&G’s skincare brand, Olay and its entry-prestige segment in China. The innovations she led have quickly become hero products and renewed the growth of this heritage brand in China.

Weixuan’s interest in design and the convergence of technology and marketing were seeded early on in her undergraduate engineering degree at Northwestern University, USA. She was an A*Star National Science Scholarship recipient and had worked at A*Star and EDB prior to joining P&G.

Outside of work, Weixuan loves spending time with her husband and 5-year old daughter. She enjoys tennis, snowboarding and hiking.


Elton Fong
Team Lead
PSA Unboxed



Elton Fong is the Team Lead of PSA Unboxed Pte Ltd, the
corporate venture capital arm of PSA International Pte Ltd which
runs an incubator program to nurture and invest in startups in the
areas of logistics technologies and port productivity.

Elton joined PSA in 1998 in the then newly created Supply Chain
Management Department. There, he developed logistics solutions
for clients, including a Track and Trace solution in collaboration
with Savi Technologies and Manugistics, and a supply chain
management system for then the largest exporter in Singapore –
The Polyolefin Company.

Within PSA, Elton moved on to a business development role with
a stint in container terminal operations where he managed a part
of the Singapore business operations. In business development,
he plays a key role in the expansion of PSA business overseas in
line with its long-term objectives, including identifying, evaluating
and recommending prospective acquisitions, mergers or joint
ventures, as well as identifying and leading/assisting the
development of new business opportunities. Elton was involved
in a number of container terminal investment projects across the
world, including successful ventures by PSA in Turkey, India,
Argentina, Colombia, Cuba and Panama. Since 2010, Elton was
responsible for the origination of PSA’s new businesses in the
Americas region, including structuring and negotiating investment

Elton was awarded the PSA Overseas Scholarship and received a
Bachelor of Science Degree (1st Class Honours) in Economics from the London School of Economics and Political Science


Leslie Loh
Managing Director
Red Dot Ventures



Leslie Loh founded his technology business in 1983 after he graduated with an IT and finance degree from Saint Mary’s University, Canada. Leslie led the one-man startup to a publicly listed global enterprise until it was acquired in 2006.Leslie was selected the overall winner of Singapore’s ASME Rotary Entrepreneur of the Year in 1998 and received the National Youth Award (Entrepreneurship) in 1999. In 2006, Leslie was awarded the “Person of The Year” IT Leader Award by the Singapore Computer Society.

Leslie’s passion is to develop tech talents, nurture entrepreneurs and grow technology startups. Mr. Loh frequently contributes time to support tech startups and adult education development in Singapore with participation in several national development committees charting economic strategies, workforce development, education transformation, and entrepreneurship development.


Vicknesh R Pillay
Founder and Managing Partner
TNB Ventures



At age 31, Vicknesh R Pillay was already an established entrepreneur who was nominated for the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award at the coveted Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Awards 2013. Most recently, Vicknesh was picked as one of the top 40 under 40 influential Asians for 2018 by Asiaone.

As the Founding Partner of TNB Ventures, Vicknesh will tap into his fund management, investment and go to market experience to head up TNB’s flagship venture capital fund.

Prior, Vicknesh founded, managed and exited an independent advisory firm where he raised and managed equity for projects worth over €300 million. He also founded, operated and exited startups which contributed a revenue of $47 million in 4 years. Currently, Vicknesh serves as a Board of Director at several companies where he advises and assists on their internal strategies and regional expansion plans.

Having graduated with a double degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and dual MBAs from UCLA Anderson and the National University of Singapore, Vicknesh is passionately involved in Singapore’s startup ecosystem. He is an appointed judge and mentor for numerous entrepreneurship workshops, conferences and startup competitions, contributing to the cultivation of aspiring entrepreneurs and startups.


Navin Danapal
Director, South East Asia



Navin is focused on the South-East Asia market entry of MOX, beginning with the two key primary markets of Singapore and Malaysia. He builds partnerships and alliances in the region including governments, telecommunications, universities and corporations. He help companies understand the ASEAN landscape and link investors to build better networks.

Prior to SOSV, Navin was senior manager of Microsoft ecosystems in the ASEAN region. Prior to that, he was Editor of Singapore Press Holdings tech media, and held a senior role in IDG. Navin has also founded a startup during the 1997 Asian economic crisis, organised a VR hackathon in Beijing with the Chinese government and Coke, and advised a number of Asian aerospace hackathons.


Eric Loh
Trendlines Medical Singapore



Eric Loh has more than 20 years of experience in the medical device industry. Most notably, Eric played significant roles in developing Biosensors International, an early-stage cardiovascular device company, to a successful, publicly traded company on the Singapore Stock Exchange. In his role as the Managing Director of Biosensors, he oversaw the establishment of a joint venture operation in China that resulted in Biosensors’ successful entry into the fast growing Chinese markets. He also led successful sales and marketing efforts and commercialized Biosensors’ products in many other markets in Asia Pacific while managing two manufacturing facilities in Singapore.

In 2005, Eric was involved with the company’s IPO on the Singapore Stock Exchange. He continued to lead the company’s corporate development and was involved in several M&A transactions that brought value to the company’s progress.

After leaving Biosensors, Eric was the CEO of another start-up, EPI Mobile Health, where he achieved regulatory approvals of the novel mobile ECG device from the FDA, CE, and HSA that enabled the commercialization of the products in key markets in Asia.

Eric holds a M.Sc., Medical Engineering, and B.Eng. (Hons.), both from the National University of
Singapore; is a graduate of an Executive MBA program affiliated with the Helsinki School of
Economics; and is a CFA charterholder.


Melvyn Yeo



Melvyn is the co-founder of Singapore-based investment holding company, TRIREC Pte Ltd which was started in 2015 with a group of like-minded shareholders. The aim is to make a meaningful impact on addressing climate change through a disciplined investment approach by supporting companies and projects that share our belief in a sustainable future, with leadership, networking and capital. Melvyn started his career spending more than a decade as an investment banker in Goldman Sachs primarily based in Hong Kong and returned to Singapore in 2011 and co-founded Thirdrock Group, which is an investment management firm, where he is currently the Chair of the Investment Committee. Through his career and entrepreneurial journey, Melvyn believes that success is best driven by people with heart and business acumen in equal measure, and foundational belief that a culture of collaboration, teamwork and integrity creates the optimal environment for people to be most effective and deliver their best work. Melvyn is currently appointed as a Technical Advisor to the National Research Foundation, and sits on the board of a number of renewables and environmental, and fintech companies in the South East Asia region.

He also serves as District Councilor in the South West Community Development Council (Singapore) where he is a member of the Environment Functional Committee, which develops and implements community-based activities to promote lifestyle changes that have a positive impact on the environment. He is married with a son and graduated from the Ross School of Business, Michigan Ann Arbor with a degree in Business Administration.


Carmen Yuen
Vertex Ventures




Carmen Yuen joined Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia & India in 2014. She has served many years in Singapore’s government-backed venture capital initiatives including EDB Investments and Spring SEEDS Capital where she worked closely with many startup companies in Singapore. She currently serves on the Board of TickledMedia (dba TheAsianParent.com) and Turnkey Lender. Carmen received her BBA from Simon Fraser University.


James Ong
Chief Investment Officer
YCH Group




James has more than 15 years of experience across various fields like private banking, private equity and investment banking in institutions like DBS Bank, OCBC Bank, Oppenheimer Investments and Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services. At Oppenheimer Investments, James was the head of Asia for 5 years and he was instrumental in starting and growing the business for the group in Asia. He has successfully closed M&A and Project Finance deals in excess of US500mn across various industries like infrastructure, consumer goods and real estate.

In addition, James also ran a family office which invested in more than 9 investments spanning from healthcare, consumer goods, aged care, engineering, renewable energy and childcare.
James currently is the Chief Investment Officer of YCH Group, where he originates and executes cross boarder acquisitions for the group. In addition to M&A, James actively spearheads YCH’s corporate finance initiatives across the group’s real estate assets and supply chain financing solutions.

He is also a Partner of Supply Chain Angels, YCH’s SG20m Corporate Venture Capital vehicle. Co-invested by the National Research Foundation under the Early Stage Venture Funding Scheme III, Supply Chain Angels invests in startups that are synergistic and complementary to YCH’s supply chain and logistic business with the aim of “Creating Unicorns in the Supply Chain”. Supply Chain Angels is also a partner with SG Innovate. He is also a mentor for PolyFinTech100 and a founding member of the Chicago Booth Angels Network in Singapore.

James holds a Master in Business Administration from The University of Chicago Booth School of
Business and Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Corporate Finance from University of Western Australia. He is also a Certified Public Accountant (Australia).
James has also been actively giving back to society. He contributed to raising a memorial fund of more than SG2mn to fund the needs of selected Arts & Social Science students at the National University of Singapore. In addition, he has served in the Citizens’ Consultative Committee and was the Vice Chairman of the Community Sports Club for Bukit Batok division in Jurong GRC.


Lee Chao Hsu
Asia Technology Director, Research & Innovation Division
Zobele Group



Lee Chao Hsu is the Asia Technology Director at Zobele Group’s Research & Innovation Division. Chao Hsu is responsible for New Product Introduction, driving front-end innovation initiatives into commercialization. Chao Hsu manages Zobele’s open innovation in Asia through the Join & Win program. The program identifies promising startups and technology providers and accelerates mature technologies into commercialization.

Chao Hsu’s focus areas are in consumer product categories in Home & Personal Care, Beauty and Consumer Electronics. Chao Hsu has extensive experience in hardware & software integration, systems automation and prototyping technologies. He leads technology innovation and R&D programs with global partners to develop next generation products for the global market.

Through these collaborations, Chao Hsu has supported startups and companies in developing their emerging technologies and to successfully launch their products into the market.

Additional Judges to be announced!

Partner Competitions

L’Oreal Innovation Runway 2018

The L’Oréal Research & Innovation Startup Challenge is back! We are looking to partner with early-stage startups and small enterprises in Asia and beyond, who have unique solutions in the area of performance materials and products, personalised beauty experiences, and sustainable innovation.

Participants stand to win the opportunity to work with L’Oreal, access to mentors and industry networks. This year, TWO winners stand to each win S$5,000 cash and a S$50,000 startup grant.

Please check out https://www.lorealinnovationrunway.sg for more details, #THROWBACK2017 for highlights and outcomes of 2017’s inaugural event, and this webinar for more information. Deadline for submission is 12th August 2018.

Alibaba ASEAN-Chongqing CREATE @ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest (CACSC)

First held in 2015, Create@ Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest is Alibaba Group’s largest start-up contest created for the best entrepreneurs in the technology field. This year, a series of city battle will be held in selected countries, where two most promising and innovative start-ups from each city battle will be chosen to compete in the World Final in China. This is a great opportunity to meet famous media outlets, venture capital investors and top-level partners from around the world.








TOP100 APAC is a programme that empowers early-stage startups in Asia with insights, connections, talent and funding opportunities. Over 250 startups were selected to pitch in the TOP100 Country Qualifiers and the shortlisted Finalists are given the opportunity to exhibit, pitch to a crowd of investors, industry leaders, corporates and media at Echelon Asia Summit 2018 on June 28th and 29th.

e27 is your go-to platform for news, community, events, talent, funding and more. Everything you need to build a billion-dollar company.

With e27, we envision you plugged into a community of people who can become mentors, partners, investors, colleagues, and customers.

Winners of TOP100 APAC 2018

TreeDots Pte. Ltd.

TreeDots is the sole online B2B outlet mall for food items in Asia. Having established a self-sustaining ecosystem via their aggregation of businesses on different points of the value chain, TreeDots ensures that there is no longer a need to dispose of perfectly edible food. They facilitate the peddling of perfectly edible food items that do not meet the conventional aesthetic standards between F&B companies, corporates, non-profits—anyone really, to save them from going to waste.

TreeDots is working to become the solution to food waste in Singapore, as well as in the region.

Kargo Pte. Ltd.


The expansion of organic farming is handicapped by the lack of stable and consistent agricultural inputs, in particular bio fertilizers. Kargo is the 1st online trucking marketplace that lets you move your goods, anywhere in Myanmar. Our platform connects businesses and individuals directly to our large national network of independent and commercial trucks. Delivering point to point, cost efficient logistics solutions, from small trucks to trailers Kargo is here to be your reliable one-stop-shop delivery partner.

Imagine H2O – Urban Drinking Water Challenge 2018

Imagine H2O is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people to deploy and develop innovation to solve water challenges globally. The organization’s water innovation accelerator provides entrepreneurs with the resources, insight and visibility to launch and scale water solutions. By partnering with industry and policy experts and a global network of customers and investors, Imagine H2O has become a proven path to market for emerging water technology businesses. Since 2009, the organization’s program alumni have collectively raised more than 1 in every 10 dollars of early-stage investment in the water industry.

On 2 May 2018, Imagine H2O launched the Urban Drinking Water Challenge 2018 to identify water startups that advance resilient drinking water solutions in fast-growing cities globally. The Challenge’s Founding Partners, 11th Hour Racing and Bluewater Group, collectively committed up to $1,000,000 in cash prizes, deployment awards and investment opportunities to three overall winners. The Challenge aligns with U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 6 which calls for universal access to safe and affordable drinking water for all by 2030. Three winning startups will be honored at a special event held during Stockholm World Water Week on August 26-31. Additionally, innovators pursuing opportunities to demonstrate technology in Southeast Asia may be eligible for additional grant funding as well as receive industry visibility at Slingshot@SWITCH, a startup pitch competition powered by Startup SG and supported by Enterprise Singapore.

Winners of Imagine H2O - Urban Drinking Water Challenge 2018


Drinkwell provides turnkey water solutions via metered Water ATM dispensing systems using RFID-enabled pay as you go cards that uses mobile money that enable utilities to provide safe drinking water in hard to reach areas that have to date been deployed across 340 locations in India and Bangladesh with customers such as Dhaka WASA, Tata Trusts, and West Bengal Public Health Engineering Department. Drinkwell also provides operation and maintenance services to ensure sound system operation thereby reducing system loss, improving service delivery all the while generating a new revenue stream for the utility. Drinkwell offers a full stack solution that includes water treatment, mobile money, and realtime monitoring capabilities a cost that is 54% lower than existing piecemeal solutions such as Grundfos Lifelink.

Each system can reach up to 2,000 households or 9,400 people. Drinkwell views Dhaka WASA as a beachhead utility customer that can provide sufficient cash flows to give Drinkwell the cash cushion it needs to work with other WASA’s such as Chittagong WASA and Sylhet WASA in Bangladesh as well as other union and city corporations across Asia. Drinkwell’s long-term impact goal is to reach 100 million people by 2030.

WatchTower Robotics

WatchTower Robotics, Inc. is a technology solution start-up that has developed leak detection robotics, analytics, and mapping systems. WatchTower uses two key design innovations to outperform existing leak detection technologies. First, WatchTower uses tactile sensors to detect leaks. In a pressurized water pipe, water escaping from a leak will produce a suction force at the leak. This membrane sensor reacts to this suction force and measures a leak. Second, WatchTower’s uses soft body drones to detect leaks. It is flow driven and can cover a long distance per deployment. It can squeeze in order to adapt to tuberculation as well as other kinds of pipe diameter reductions, and it can bend to go around pipe elbows. This allows the robot to be inserted and taken out of pipe networks through existing features such as fire hydrants and T-junctions. The drone uses state-of-the-art Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms to determine its position in addition to the position of the leaks in the pipes. WatchTower’s design solutions were developed in response to water leaks among industrial partners in Saudi Arabia, where 90% of their water comes from expensive desalination plants. In this situation, 30% of desalinated water was lost due to leaks in the pipes, prior to reaching the customer. WatchTower’s design and engineering team worked to solve the problem in Saudi Arabia by developing a robot that swims through pipes and mapping leaks against existing GIS data. To date, WatchTower has completed three paid pilot tests, two in industrial applications and one in rural Virginia, and over 40 cities have requested pilots.


THE.WAVE.TALK has developed rapid water contamination sensor. Our laser tech is 10,000 more sensitive than conventional technologies and can detect even small concentration of bacteria on much larger quantities of water.

Future Food Asia

Startup SG is an early supporter of the AgriTech and FoodTech vertical, recognising its importance for Singapore and the region.

For the second year it has chosen Future Food Asia as the partner of choice to screen and select four most relevant startups that are fast-tracked to the Grand Finals. As part of the pre-selection process, those startups were awarded a Startup SG prize at the Future Food Asia Award event in May 2018 in Singapore.

“It is visionary from Startup SG to embrace the AgriTech and FoodTech vertical and give it visibility in this ambitious cross-domain event. As the first domain-specific platform in Asia-Pacific, Future Food Asia is proud to be the selection partner of Startup SG”, said Isabelle Decitre, Founder and CEO of ID Capital.

Future Food Asia (FFA) is the first-of-its-kind platform for AgriTech and FoodTech innovations in the Asia Pacific. In partnership with multinationals, government organisations, startups and research teams, FFA is building an integrated innovation network. Operated by ID Capital, it is looking for agile startups to innovate and disrupt our food value chain. The annual Future Food Asia Award ceremony aims to accelerate open innovation in AgriTech and FoodTech across Asia Pacific, with the goal to catalyze and align an ecosystem to cope with the challenges of food.

Winners of the Startup SG Grant

Alchemy Foodtech Pte. Ltd.

Alchemy Foodtech is a deep technology startup funded by NRF/SPRING TECS grants that aim to stop the global diabetes epidemic by lowering blood glucose spikes of everyday carbohydrate staples such as refined jasmine white rice, white bread, noodles etc. with their patent pending ingredient innovations that has been clinically proven.
Presenter: Mr. Alan PHUA, Co-founder & CEO

FIBSOL Life Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (India)


The expansion of organic farming is handicapped by the lack of stable and consistent agricultural inputs, in particular bio fertilizers. FIB-SOL has developed a patented nanofiber platform technology to provide light-weight, consistent and stable bio fertilizers. The technology enables delivery of a high payload of active ingredients in a stable form, thereby reducing the bulkiness and increasing the efficiency of bio fertilizers. Along with logistics savings, it helps improve the yield and environmental footprint of farming.
Presenter: Dr. S. Kavitha, CEO and Co-founder

PureSpace Ltd. (South Korea)

PureSpace’s solution applies to fresh produce all along the cold chain and increases their shelf life, thus greatly reducing post-harvest losses. It has developed a proprietary nano-catalyst technology to completely decompose ethylene gas and airborne bacteria effectively and safely. Thanks to their handy portable device, the solution can be deployed at multiple points of the supply chain.
Presenter: Ms. LEE Sun-Young, CEO

Shenzhen Qianhai Xiaozao Technology Co. Ltd (China)

Shenzhen Qianhai Xiaozao Technology Co., Ltd, homes in on the mass cultivation of natural microalgae Nannochloropsis and scale production of its derivative such as EPA (Omega-3) products. They have invented proprietary technologies and know-hows in process including strain selection and development, cultivation, harvesting and downstream processing which allows them to be the first company in the world to deliver a line of EPA products with commercial scalability and economic viability. Microalgal derivatives such as EPA products are vegan, heavy metal free, superiorly bioavailable in GI tracts over fish oils and eco-friendly.
Presenter: Mr. YU Wei, Founder & CEO

Indoor Ag-Ignite Pitch Competition

Indoor Ag-Con was first founded in 2013 in the US as a platform to converge farmers, entrepreneurs, technology providers, investors, buyers, academics and policy makers. The event themes cover technologies such as growing in warehouses, greenhouses, and containers, as well as across hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics. Indoor Ag-Con takes place 3 times a year in Las Vegas, Philadelphia and Singapore.

Indoor Ag-Con has long supported entrepreneurs in the fast-growing indoor agriculture industry, for instance, it sponsored the first Startup Weekend Singapore to include an indoor agriculture focus in 2017. Their commitment was taken one step further in 2018 with Indoor Ag-Ignite, an indoor agriculture pitch competition to find the most innovative new ideas globally in indoor agriculture, as a part of the 3rd Annual Indoor Ag-Con Asia. The competition was open to teams developing, or launching technologies designed for the indoor agriculture industry, regardless of where the team is based. The competition took place alongside Indoor Ag-Con Asia on the 15th to 17th of January.

Winners of the Indoor Ag-Ignite Pitch Competition

Eden Clear

Eden Clear developed a nanostructured coating that can help to enhance incident light to increase sunlight exposure to plants, helping plants to get more of the light they need to increase growth. The coating can be applied to greenhouse films and covers, through spraying or through direct integration into the film materials.

The patent pending technology was developed in partnership with Nanyang Polytechnic and laboratory tests has shown plants experiencing a 40% increase in growth rate. Eden Clear is building up its partnership network regionally and plans to conduct testing in the North American region.


Protenga is a Singapore based biotech startup developing a technology solution to recycle food waste and agricultural by-products, and cultivated insects into high-grade protein meal for animal feed and organic fertilizers. Protenga’s insect based animal proteins and oils offer a novel, cost-effective fishmeal alternative for aquaculture and animal feeds in South East Asia. They focus on farming black soldier flies and is in the midst of setting up its pilot plant in Johor Bahru, Malaysia.


Nutraponics is a Canadian Indoor Vertical Aquaponics Farming (IVAF) company that was setup in 2011. Nutraponics designs its own farming and lighting systems, and grows pure, pesticide free produce by creating natural symbiotic ecosystems for plants and fish.

Nutraponics is focused on construction and consultancy as its core businesses and is conversation with AVA and EDB to setup its show-case facility in Singapore to target the Asian market.

International Partners




Antler is a global startup generator which aims to turn the world’s best talent into great founders of great companies. Antler selects the most passionate aspiring entrepreneurs, helps them find the right co-founder and connects them to a network of fitting business and academic domain experts worldwide. Funding is provided from day one to support founders building businesses they will own and run, and that can positively impact local, national and global economies.

In Southeast Asia, Antler has recruited over 60 exceptional individuals for its inaugural cohort in 2018, who will build disruptive technology companies over the next five months. Concurrently, Antler has launched offices in the Nordics and will begin recruiting and building great businesses in January 2019.

Antler’s founding team and a network of mentors have all been in startup shoes and have succeeded many times over. For those ready to begin their journey, applications are open on antler.co/apply

Found. is a network of innovation coworking studios where ambitious entrepreneurs and corporates find coaching, expertise, and partners to create future-ready solutions.

Found.’s mission is to be the largest innovation community in South-East Asia. Found. enables our members to grow their businesses and also give back to the community. We do this by building a trusted ecosystem that provides access to business resources, enhances market visibility and facilitates strategic co-innovation partnerships for start-up founders, corporate innovators and investors.

Found. is the first Google For Entrepreneurs partner in Southeast Asia and exclusive partner in Singapore. Google for Entrepreneurs provides financial support and the best of Google’s resources to dozens of coworking spaces and community programs across 125 countries.

Find out more at www.found.us or get in touch at hello@found.us.

WeWork is a community for creators, providing more than 256,000 members around the world with space, community, and services through both physical and virtual offerings. WeWork’s mission is to help create a world where people work to make a life, not just a living. WeWork currently has more than 274 locations in 74 cities and 22 countries around the world. WeWork started in New York City in 2010, was founded by Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey.



Set up in 1968, JTC is the lead government agency responsible for the development of industrial infrastructure to support and catalyze the growth of industries and enterprises in Singapore. Landmark projects by JTC include the Jurong Industrial Estate; the Jurong Island for energy and chemical industries; business and specialised parks such as Airport Logistics Park of Singapore, International Business Park, Changi Business Park, Seletar Aerospace Park, CleanTech Park and Tuas Biomedical Park; a new work-live-play-&-learn development called one-north; and the Jurong Rock Caverns, Southeast Asia’s first commercial underground storage facility for liquid hydrocarbons. JTC also develops innovative space such as JTC Surface Engineering Hub, JTC MedTech Hub @ MedTech Park and JTC Food Hub @ Senoko, which incorporate innovative features and shared infrastructure to enable industrialists to start their operations quickly and enhance productivity.

For more information on JTC and its products and services, please visit www.jtc.gov.sg.

L’Oréal has devoted itself to beauty for over 105 years. With its unique international portfolio of 34 diverse and complementary brands, the Group generated sales amounting to 26.02 billion euros in 2017 and employs 82,600 people worldwide. As the world’s leading beauty company, L’Oréal is present across all distribution networks: mass market, department stores, pharmacies and drugstores, hair salons, travel retail, branded retail and e-commerce.

Research and innovation, and a dedicated research team of 3,870 people are at the core of L’Oréal’s strategy, working to meet beauty aspirations all over the world. L’Oréal’s new sustainability commitment for 2020 “Sharing Beauty With All” sets out ambitious sustainable development objectives across the Group’s value chain.





Enterprise Singapore, formerly International Enterprise Singapore and SPRING Singapore, is the government agency championing enterprise development. The agency works with committed companies to build capabilities, innovate and internationalize.
It also supports the growth of Singapore as a hub for global trading and startups. As the national standards and accreditation body, Enterprise Singapore continues to build trust in Singapore’s products and services through quality and standards.
Visit www.enterprisesg.gov.sg for more information.